5 Myths About Diabetes

I’m sure you’ll agree that myths are a lot of fun! It’s fun when these myths are busted! Nevertheless it’s not like myths are all lies, there’s a bit of truth in them, but its twisted. Here are 5 myths about diabetes that are not entirely true:

Perfect Treatment = Perfect Diabetes Control

While this is true to an extent, please note that “perfect” treatment can mean “expensive” treatment! A lot of doctors are responsible for spreading this myth that a perfect treatment will yield perfect glucose levels, nevertheless sometimes treatment is not very easy, and quite expensive. There is no perfect treatment. You are your only treatment! If you watch your diet, if you exercise, take medications on time and lead a stress-free life, you no longer need that perfectly expensive treatment!

You might be at risk of borderline diabetes

There’s no such word as borderline diabetes. It just doesn’t exist. You either have diabetes or you don’t; you can’t be somewhere in the middle! For example if I tell you that you might be at risk of borderline pregnancy, what would you think?! With diabetes you only have two options: you’re positive for diabetes or you’re negative for diabetes.

You can tell the level of your glucose by how you feel

To an extent this is true that if you feel sweaty, have palpitations and a headache you blood sugar is low, but how low? How can you be sure what kind of and how much treatment you require by just determining how you feel? Therefore its always best to get yourself checked by an expert before you decide how much medicine you require based on how you feel!

If you need insulin, you’re in for the roughest ride of your life

A lot of people think that insulin is a sure-fire way to death, this is not true, please don’t scare yourselves. You need insulin only when oral drugs aren’t producing enough insulin to control your blood sugar and you need to produce insulin to control your blood sugar otherwise the situation can be very dangerous. Insulin does not cause any complications like impotence or any other damage as a lot of people think

Your parent has diabetes, you’re most probably going inherit it

Again this is true to some extent. Although type 2 diabetes runs in the family, type 1 diabetes can happen to anyone regardless of their parents’ medical background. Coming to type 2 diabetes, although it can be inherited not every family member gets it and if they get it that’s because of poor lifestyle and lack of physical activity.

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