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March 2009 Newsletter regarding Allergies


Wonderful Amazing Shasta! This gal is magical! She is compassionate and very in tune with her patient. It was important for me to go to someone who would listen-and Shasta does just that. She gives sound feedback and advice as well. Walking into the office is like basking in a Ray of Sunshine! Staff is very friendly as well. 🙂 Shasta has so many specialties-including but not limited to: acne, fertility, immune system cleansing, aches and pains, and list goes on…

I would HIGHLY recommend her-as I am in the Health Industry myself – SHE IS TOP KNOTCH! Thanks SHASTA!

“Every winter without fail I had sinus infections in the winter (which were always treated with antibiotics), and allergies in the summer. The first winter I got acupuncture treatments and herbs was my first winter in 18 years I had NO SINUS INFECTION OR HEADACHE. The allergies that next summer were non existent.

I learned some things I could do for my self, common sense things, like keeping my head warm, stopping cold fluids and cold food. I also had had chronic constipation since my teens. I would go for three five days without a movement. This had become a way of life for me, and I figured this was just what was normal for me. I tried a series of different herbs to until we hit the right one, which have been the only thing that has regulated me daily. Thanks Shasta”

There are no words that can describe how much you have helped me regain my self esteem and image back from being asleep for years. For the first time in quite a few years I have been able to work in the back yard and not have my allergies act up!! For a long time I have had bouts of asthma which now I have had very little with the herbs and treatments you have given me. One thing that really gets to me now is when I hear people complaining about different ailments I have to stop myself from telling them that it can be helped with acupuncture. When I first came in I was overloaded with alcohol, caffeine, prescription drugs and sugar. I weighed about 160 pounds, had hot flashes, lots of gas and bloating, had a persistent cough from smoking for 20 years, muscles cramps, finger joint pain, anxiety, palpitations, back pain, felt cold, was dry and thirsty, itchy painful red eyes, lots of food cravings, stress, and severe hay fever and asthma. I’m off the coffee, sugar, cut way back on my prescriptions and most all of these symptoms have subsided and/or disappeared. I’ve lost between 17 and 20 pounds which has been stabilized for three months now!! This was a six month treatment program. Seven months after starting acupuncture during a treatment I felt a strong electrical sensation around my ear and woke up two days later with MY HEARING BACK!! I initially came in to treat my menier’s disease (which I’ve had since I was 7), and wasn’t sure if acupuncture would help, but I’ve taken out my hearing aid and have my hearing back.

I am very excited and grateful for Chinese Medicine and even though I don’t understand it all of the time, I still have gotten great results and feelings from it.

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I came to Shasta first complaint of allergies. I also had sinus congestion, chronic fatigue, pms, and stress. Shasta did my T.C.M. diagnosis and called my syndrome “lung qi deficiency and kidney yang deficiency” and proceeded to treat the above. Since the most acute problem was the allergies and sinus congestion Shasta primarily focused on these during my first few months of treatments. Within months my symptoms had greatly improved. I learned that allergies, sinus congestion, chronic fatigue and stress are all part of a similar disease pattern and to treat one Shasta would have to treat the others concurrently from a T.C.M. perspective.

I was suffering from severe sleep apnea. I also was overweight, sweat very easily, had acid reflux, depression, headaches, allergies. I was on high blood pressure medication, an antidepressant, and an anxiety sleep drug.

I came into see Shasta in hopes that she would help me get my energy up so I could have a easy sleep apnea surgery and help my recovery time. Also, my mental capacity was very low.

Within one week after acupuncture and beginning the herbal prescription, I stopped perspiring and shortly after that could sleep with a shirt on for the first time since I could remember. Within four weeks and after the sleep apnea operation I lost about thirty pounds and was able to stop all medications. My doctor was amazed how quickly my recovery time was. I credit the speed at which I recovered to acupuncture. Also, my blood pressure normalized to 114/72 without medication, and most of the above mentioned symptoms greatly reduced or disappeared!

After drinking a power drink at the club, I had a severe allergic reaction. I had hives that would get worse after eating. I had heart palpitations, twisting pains in the intestines, stabbing pains over the liver, and difficulty in having bowel movements. During the acupuncture treatment I felt the itchiness and burning calm down and a sense of well being that I hadn’t experienced for days, and within a few days the hives were completely gone.

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I acquired major tendon damage in my forearms from taking the Antibiotic “Cipro” that left me unable to pursue my career as a Beach Volleyball player for several months. So when my Acupuncturist Shasta Tierra told me she could help, I jumped at the offer. Through Shasta’s skilled Acupuncture and care, my tendons…

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