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Thank you for your guidance and support. To date, I have gone from 194 to 176 lbs. In 6 weeks. I feel alive with a new spring in my step. I’m tireless, able to take on new challenges with ease. I have confidence in just about everything I do right now. My blood pressure has also normalized and I am now off of my blood pressure medication. I look forward to our treatments and hope we can continue, but maybe every 3 to 4 weeks. You helped me…

When I first came to Shasta I had just been put on vasotec to control my high blood pressure. I was interested because I was only 29 and very concerned about being dependent on medication at such a young age.

Natural medicine had always interested me and I was curious as to whether acupuncture could help me. I kept telling Shasta that my main interest was in loosing weight and coming off of the medication, she told me she couldn’t treat these directly, but she continued to ask me about all of my other symptoms like: insomnia, swollen ankles, my eating habits, the heat in my palms and feet, afternoon fever, constant diarrhea, low back pain, dryness under the eyes, dry eyes, poor memory, and constant anxiety. She used all these different words to describe her diagnosis, which I thought were strange, but I figured I’d give it a chance. We set up a six month plan. Most of the above symptoms disappeared (which I thought was nice and Shasta seemed very excited about), however, by month four my blood pressure hadn’t dropped and I was getting fed up. The amazing thing is by exactly six months from when we drew up the health plan I had weaned myself off the vasotec and had completely normal blood pressure!!

I’m still not sure how it happened, or why. Maybe the treatments over time accumulated and helped my body regulate itself. Whatever the reason, I’ve heard high blood pressure at a young age is very difficult to reverse, and I’m very happy Shasta was a part of me healing myself.

My main complaint when I came to Shasta was a weak nervous system. My pulse was surging at about 100 beats a minute. I was also having insomnia, poor digestion, congestion in the solar plexus as well as the throat, low energy, coldness, gingivitis, colitis pain, pms and was underweight.

One of the first steps in my healing was the recommendation of changing my diet. This has had a big impact on my health, and helped me gain weight, increase my energy, and calm my nervous system in a short period of time.

After only a few treatments my constant nagging colitis pain, and gingivitis were gone and I was amazed how in T.C.M. these two symptoms are related.

After the 24th week of treatments I feel my improvement is stable, my pulse rate is a calm 65 to 70 beats a minute, and I have the tools for my daily life to keep up my good health.

My cholesterol has dropped from 246 to 211 and my blood pressure has gone from 158/95 to 144/82 since taking the herbal formula Shasta gave me along with exercising and eating better. I feel pretty good.

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