The Detoxification Life – What It Really Means

When we think about detoxification, we only think about our body, not our external environment, when truly, detoxification is useless if;

  • You don’t know your reasons for detoxification,
  • If your kitchen is stacked with unhealthy fats,
  • If you don’t know the role of your skin when detoxification begins,
  • If you continue living with harmful chemicals,
  • If you don’t know how to preserve your energy and finally,
  • If you don’t know what makes you sick.

As a human, you’re a key market for the economy, which means that every purchase you make has a direct impact on the economy, health and environment of the country you live in. If you use plastic bags instead of going green you’re impacting the environment, if you opt for paper receipts, which you read and throw, you’re impacting your surroundings etc. Imagine if a lot of people started using plastics and papers, boxes and containers, what becomes of our world? We each leave our footprint on earth; therefore, it’s important that we think about the impact we leave behind – the less toxic lives we leave, the lighter the dangerous impact, not only for us, but also for those who follow us.

Apart from detoxifying or internally cleaning your body, you also have to think about detoxifying your external environment. Imagine that you live in an environment where you’re constantly exposed to second-hand smoke, what is the purpose of detoxification if, after you’ve gained perfect health, you return back to your smoke-filled environment? That’s not an achievement because after a short period of time you’ll be back feeling sick thanks to your polluted external environment. Apart from smoke we have chemicals, detergents and other household cleaning aids. So what should you do then?

  • Replace your household products with eco-friendly ones,
  • Replace linen with organic fabric, and finally,
  • Learn to recycle certain items in your house.

The purpose of this article is to make you understand that internal detoxification is useless if you have to return back to polluted environments and once you know the hazards you’re exposed to, learn to do damage control so you can bring order to your immediate environment.

The Utensils You Use Can Also Be Toxic

Apart from taking care of your external environment, there’s our utensils, the ones we use to prepare the food to feed ourselves. Did you know that the kind of utensils we use are just as important as the ingredients we use to make our food? We all prefer non-stick, i.e. Teflon coated pans because it makes cooking and cleaning up after cooking easy. You might have been using a non-stick pan for a few months now and despite the fact that it has a few nicks and scratches you don’t really mind so long as it’s doing its job! Well here’s food for thought. According to the Environmental Working Group, “A chemical used to make Teflon, food wrappers and dozens of other products may harm the immune system, liver and thyroid and cause higher cholesterol in children, according to the initial findings of a study of 69,000 people in West Virginia and Ohio who live near a DuPont manufacturing plant.

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