Know your Lower Back Pain and learn how to Fight it

The appearance of pain in the lower back (the lumbosacral part), is quite common and can happen at any age, but it usually occurs around the age of 25. Four out of five adults experience problems with pain in the lower back at least once in their life.

Important information

Pain in the lower back is not a specific disease, but a symptom that can be caused by a variety of acute and chronic processes in the back, and may be a reflection of a process in the abdomen and pelvis when the pain from these areas affects the lower back.

It may be an acute occurrence, when the pain lasts up to three months or it can be chronic when it lasts longer. In most cases, resting and avoiding physical activity, as well as taking painkillers is enough to solve the problem for several weeks. However, if after 72 hours the bad doesn’t subsides, it is necessary to seek medical advice.

Most common activities that cause the pain

Any work or sport activity that is done rapidly or is not performed properly, can cause pain in the lower back. The pain is usually related to the following activities:

  • improper lifting of any weight, especially at the height where the torso bends and rotates
  • sudden movement, bending or rotation and stretching of the fuselage
  • long-term performance of an action such as prolonged sitting, long car ride, walking for too long, prolonged standing
  • bad position during sleep
  • violation of the musculoskeletal system of the lumbar region – trauma (usually traffic accidents, injuries during sports activities …)

Manifestation of the Pain

The most common symptom is either blunt or sharp pain in the lower back that gets worse with movement, and soothes in certain positions. The pain can expand into one or both legs as well.

The diagnosis of pain in the lower back

When the symptoms are mild and improve with physical inactivity and painkillers, a specific therapy or analysis is not required.

In cases where there is no sign of improvement after 72 hours, it is necessary to contact a physician who will review and determine the exact cause and treatment.

Additional analysis include the X-ray of lumbosacral spine, an EMNG of the lower extremities, a (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging of the spine.


Putting either cold or warm wraps on painful areas could help to ease the pain. After the acute symptoms subside is it recommended to proceed with physical ultrasound therapy, electrical stimulation, laser therapy, etc.

In cases of chronic pain using antidepressants, opioids, acupuncture and similar, is quite common as well.

To find out more about lower back pain and ways to cure it, follow the link bellow and read the book for additional tips:

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