Pharmaceuticals In Our Drinking Water

Dear Multi-Pure Owners: I am sure that many of you have seen recent articles about pharmaceuticals in our water – it seems to be in all the papers. (see links below). You are so fortunate that you own the most highly certified system in the U.S.

I have known about these contaminants for years, which is one of the reasons I have been so committed to getting my community safe drinking water. Here is a summary of these contaminants I have written for you:

Pharmaceutical And Personal Care Pollutants (PPCP’s): PPCP’s are an emerging class of contaminants showing up in water supplies across the country. They include antibiotics, caffeine, nicotine, contraceptives, prescription drugs, insect repellent, preservatives, painkillers, artificial colors, flame-retardants, fuel additives, & perfumes. In 2002 USGS revealed that streams nationwide are laced with prescription & over-the-counter drugs, as well as caffeine. A government analysis shows the nation’s waterways are awash in chemicals used in beauty aids, medications, cleaners, & food additives.

Unfortunately, the problem is that there is NO TESTING protocol for them, & until that is developed by the EPA & NSF, there will be no way to test. Multi-Pure will not make any claims about contaminant reduction for any contaminant until it is actually certified. You can be sure as soon as this standard is on the table, we will be the first in line to test it. I would advise you to trust Multi-Pure’s track record.

We provide filters that are NSF certified to reduce a very wide range of contaminants of health concern. Our carbon block filters were the first filters in the U.S. to be NSF certified to reduce lead, cysts, asbestos, chloramines, toxaphene, chlordane, MTBE, & PCBs. We have a strong commitment to quality, integrity, & honesty in solving current drinking water problems that put consumers at risk. Our product is unsurpassed & has the longest warranty in the industry.

This is another great opportunity to think of those you love – and make sure they are also protected. Please send them here to order their Multi-Pure. If you would like a $50 discount, contact me first.

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