Rosacea Success Stories

Just wanted to drop you a quick note thanking you for your help in controlling my Rosacea. Since I have received acupuncture treatments from you, I have not had any recurrences of the Rosacea. I no longer have to use my prescription topical ointments to relieve this skin condition, nor have I had any flare-ups since following your recommendations on dietary changes and exercise. My stress level is contained, whereas before, working in the high tech industry, I had extreme levels of stress which would aggravate my Rosacea. I now feel internally stronger and this is reflected externally with clear, unblemished skin. You were a last resort in solving this persistent health problem and you came through for me.

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I acquired major tendon damage in my forearms from taking the Antibiotic “Cipro” that left me unable to pursue my career as a Beach Volleyball player for several months. So when my Acupuncturist Shasta Tierra told me she could help, I jumped at the offer. Through Shasta’s skilled Acupuncture and care, my tendons…

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