Shingles Success Stories

I have been seeing Shasta since May 2011 to help treat the pain from shingles, which went from my chest around to my back on my left side. After taking strong medications for 2+months that weren’t helping, I had decided to try a more natural way to heal myself. Sjasta’s diagnosis base on our initial discussion was that I have damp heat in my liver. She has been treating me with herbs and acupuncture. It is definitely improving, especially on my back. The acupuncture treatments and diet (including lemon water) have also helped with my constant UTI issues, which are also a result of the damp heat, so it is definitely a win-win. I broke my right foot when I was out of town on business, and now that I am home I take the taxi there 3x/week to continue my treatments. She is also applying needles to help my foot to heal. I am sure this is the answer for me. Even after my shingles and my foot are healed, I’m sure I will continue acupuncture just to keep myself healthy overall. I am also looking forward to beginning a yoga program after my foot is healed. Thanks Shasta, for listening, caring, sharing, and helping me to heal. I am very grateful and am looking forward to being pain-free VERY soon!

I developed Shingles [Varicella zoster] in the final month of my pregnancy. I was in excruciating pain around my left ribcage, and I had to take prescription pain-killers so I could sleep at night, and function during the day. My mother had Shingles years ago and recommended getting acupuncture to treat it, as it really helped relieve her pain. The onset of the Shingles pain started over a weekend, and as soon as Monday came I booked myself an acupuncture session with Shasta that day. I had my second acupuncture session two days later and was able to come off my pain medication that night, which was a great relief considering I was 37 weeks pregnant. From that point forward, the pain was very mild and diminished gradually over the next 2-3 weeks of treatments. I found the acupuncture treatments to be very relaxing and they helped me sleep better at night. Currently, I am pain free but continue to get some acupuncture sessions to boost/heal my immune system in the hope that the Shingles never surfaces in my system again. I also developed 3rd trimester “morning sickness” and Shasta treated me for the nausea, which worked straight away. Had I known earlier in my pregnancy about the benefits of acupuncture with regards to nausea/vomiting in pregnancy, I could have saved my unborn child exposure to anti-nausea drugs like Zofran that I took for 5 months, during my 1st & 2nd trimester. Acupuncture has really helped me and its such a natural approach to treat illnesses, especially when you are pregnant and don’t want to expose your baby to drugs.

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I acquired major tendon damage in my forearms from taking the Antibiotic “Cipro” that left me unable to pursue my career as a Beach Volleyball player for several months. So when my Acupuncturist Shasta Tierra told me she could help, I jumped at the offer. Through Shasta’s skilled Acupuncture and care, my tendons…

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