Top 5 Most Common Allergies We Face Today

Lot of people suffer from allergies, and it all starts with a misunderstanding caused by your immune system! For example, when you each something harmless, your immune system thinks it’s a dangerous pathogen. From then on, anytime you eat something your body does not recognize, or fails to recognize, it raises alert which in turn brings about unpleasant side-effects such as wheezing, sneezing, itching and swelling. If this happens to you after you eat something, you might be suffering from an allergy. Here are the top 5 most common allergies we face today:


When its early fall or late summer, weeds start creating allergies in the air. Some, if not most, people suffer from weed allergies, especially ragweed. Since ragweed is found almost everywhere in the United States, you will find most people wheezing, sniffing or sneezing their way to work! Other weeds that can create the same are sagebrush, pigweed and goosefoot pollen.


These are microscopic plants that have the ability to reproduce by sending tiny spores into the air. Places that are warm, dark and moist are usually where they can often, if not always, be found! Mold is virtually everywhere and if you missed it, it might even be there in your bathroom, because it’s warm, dark and moist!

Dust Mites

These bad guys are everywhere, literally. Did you know that in a single gram of dust, you can find almost a hundred dust mites?! Belonging to the spider family, dust mites have eight legs, they live well and multiply easily in warm and humid weathers. They can usually be found in carpets, furniture, mattresses, clothes, soft toys – basically anything that can contain dust. These insects can cause dangerous allergies especially if they’re inside a house locked up for months.


Grass like the timothy grass, Bermuda grass, sweet vernal, red top and some blue grasses are thought to cause allergic reactions to some people, especially during late spring to early summer.


You already know that trees produce pollen, a part of the plant that causes allergies for most people. While January is the month where some southern states experience pollen, in the north, pollen begins scaring people starting April. For example, an oak tree produces a great amount of pollen and is the leading cause of allergies. Other trees that cause similar effects are cedar, juniper, cypress, sequoia, elm, birch, olive, sycamores, poplars, cottonwoods, balsam and aspen.

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