Dr. Shasta

Founder, Doctor of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

Dr. Shasta EricsonDr. Shasta Ericson L.Ac., D.A.O.M., has been practising holistic medicine for over 26 years in Silicon Valley, as featured on WebMD. She is a policy maker, writing the guidelines to keep acupuncture in workers comp and informing insurance companies on covered benefits across America, helping ease and heal pain with non opioid therapeutic care. Dr. Shasta is a holistic fertility specialist, using natural functional medicine and traditional Chinese medicine to help many people expand their loving families naturally or in conjunction with Assisted Reproductive Medicine. She is the creator of the fertility whisperer online program, products, books and telehealth coaching program. She has authored the book The Amazing Healing Power of Kitchari, an incredible anti-inflammatory weight loss soup. She is the creator and co starred in the Your Healthy Living Show, on local cable network tv seen locally in Silicon Valley. She is the creator of Qi-yoga videos for common ailments and Yoga & Acupressure for Fertility video program by Fairhaven Health, sold all over the world. Dr. Shasta had the privilege of studying under great Grandmaster Dr. Miriam Lee, OMD, one of the pioneers of acupuncture in the United States who was responsible for acupuncture being legalized in California, Baba Hari Das, the founder of Mt. Madonna Center for the Creative Arts & Sciences, Dr. Michael Gaeta, D.A.O.M., Dr. Mike Berkley from The Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness, and many other wonderful teachers.

Most importantly, Dr. Shasta is the proud Momma to Kai and is very grateful to be a holistic medicine doctor for all of these years helping people have lives they love, their dreams come true and having a body that supports them. Trust Nature.


dr shasta and baby kai
dr shasta and baby kai