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The moment we choose to trust nature is the moment we start to create the environment for being fertile and having a healthy baby just imagine a blade of grass it's cut to the ground the grass grows back even stronger when it has all the right nutrients soil. Imagine a tree whose branches broken then how it has to coexist with many other trees around it and the thing that deliver strength of the tree are the strength of its roots which is determined by the environment the soil the sun the water and the poisons around it. We are like the tree when well-nourished are roots seeds egg sperm and uterus lining and hormonal balance work and an amazing miraculous synchronicity with the nature of the rhythms of life Fertility. Nature does not reproduce in an unsafe environment if they're outside or inside factors making us feel unsafe or unwell the eggs and sperm won't grow well to unleash our own natural fertility is to unleash the essence of life itself and all areas of our lives the joy of living a fully alive life in a healthy vibrant body is the greatest wealth a human can have and it's all an inside job.

We will go through the essence the inside lessons that have been learned from the patterns in nature of how nature naturally reproduces itself and map them on to our own lives. Pension is that you will have an expanded sense of self-love self nourishment and expand your loving family no matter what. Being this incredible journey is the hardest journey as the longing to have a baby there's no greater longing than to have a baby and when it's not here the emotions of abandonment of feeling unfulfilled of desperation anger are so real and my. You will feel that all of those feelings have been the greatest blessing for you as they are encouraging you to go with in to the most amazing. Spiritual inquiry to find you, just you.

Our Facility Of Wellness

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Why Choose Way Of Wellness

Gain Focus

Dr. Shasta provides stress management to help you regain your focus.

Achieve Balance

Dr. Shasta uses acupuncture and oriental medicine to help balance your body and energy.

Optimize Body Functions

Dr. Shasta helps release toxins and bodily waste to enhance your internal functions.

Become Self-Aware

Dr. Shasta will assess you to give you insight into your wellness needs.

Heal Holistically

Dr. Shasta utlizes acupuncture, oriental medicine, and herbology to provide you with holistic healing.

Learn Essentials of Wellness

Dr. Shasta provides wellness coaching to give you techniques for living a life of wellness.

Meet The Practitioner

Shasta is a doctor of acupuncture and oriental medicine, certified wellness and yoga coach with over twenty years of experience serving San Jose and Silicon Valley.

Dr. Shasta, Acupuncturist
Dr. Shasta Ericson, LAc, DAOM
Founder, Doctor of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

Accepting Insurance

  • United Healthcare
  • Cigna PPO & HMO
  • Valley Health Plan**
  • CorVel
  • Coventry WC
  • Healthsmart Sutter Select
  • MultiPlan
  • Workers Comp*
  • Personal Injury*

*Requires a referral
**Covered CA, Employer Group Class, Individual & Family Plan (We do not take Medi-Cal) (VHP Network) (Requires a referral first time)