Adrenal fatigue is a term given to a collection of symptoms such as body aches, weakness, nervousness, sleep disturbance as well as digestive disorders. Although adrenal fatigue isn’t an accepted medical diagnosis in medical science, this term often shows up in popular health books as well as in alternative medicine articles.

According to alternative medicine, the adrenal gland is responsible for producing a variety of hormones that a human needs to function properly. The medical term for adrenal deficiency is Addison’s disease, a disorder that arises from inadequate hormone production due to an underlying disease.

Symptoms of Adrenal Deficiency

  • Fatigue
  • Body aches
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Low blood pressure
  • Light-headedness
  • Loss of body hair
  • Skin discoloration (hyperpigmentation)

In order to find out whether a person suffers from adrenal deficiency, blood tests and other special stimulation tests should be carried out to detect the levels of adrenal hormones. Some experts claim that adrenal deficiency is temporary due to chronic stress; however this has not yet been proved. A person suffering from adrenal deficiency may look happy from the outside, but inside they don’t feel good because the glands cannot produce enough amounts of happy hormones.

General Causes Of Fatigue

Lifestyle factors 

  • Alcohol use or abuse
  • Caffeine use
  • Excessive physical activity
  • Inactivity
  • Lack of sleep
  • Medications, such as antihistamines, cough medicines and cold remedies
  • Unhealthy eating habits

Psychological conditions 

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Grief
  • Stress

Medical conditions 

  • Acute liver failure
  • Anemia
  • Cancer
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Emphysema
  • Heart disease
  • Hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid)
  • Hypothyroidism (a thyroid disorder)
  • Medications, such as prescription pain medications, heart medications, blood pressure medications and some antidepressants
  • Obesity
  • Sleep apnea
  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Type 2 diabetes


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