Acupuncture Treatments for Whiplash

Acupuncture Treatments for Whiplash

Whiplash happens when someone's body is forced backward and then forward suddenly with great force. It is a common injury in rear-end car collisions, physical abuse, sports injuries, and amusement park rides. As a condition, it involves pain and soreness or weakness in both sides of the upper thoracic, cervical spine, and head regions. The pain is often described as stabbing, burning, or contracting and comes with stiffness and numbness.

Whiplash is caused by a physical trauma that leads to an injury to the neck and upper back's soft tissue. As we know, when the body experiences a traumatic injury, it can lead to acute stagnation of Qi (energy) and blood channels. Acupuncture has an excellent reputation as a treatment for relieving pain caused by whiplash, and many doctors often refer patients to this treatment after an accident.

More people are taking control of their health and seeking out these alternative treatments for themselves. Acupuncture can help whiplash pain in many ways, including:

  • completely or significantly relieves pain
  • improves the severity of the pain from a whiplash injury
  • helps regulate emotions
  • boosts energy levels
  • increases ability to perform complicated tasks
  • enriches the patient's quality of life
  • reduces reliance on prescription medication
  • prevents associated side effects that come with medication
  • Chinese medicine's goal is to release disruption in Qi's free flow and blood circulation when it comes to pain. The circulation of Qi and blood in the body should be constant. With a whiplash injury, Qi stagnation and blood stasis occur, leading to damage of the tendons and muscles, along with abnormal joint movement. Way of Wellness, you can expect the best treatment for whiplash symptoms and other neck-related conditions. Our highly skilled team of specialists is here to help you find relief! Give our San Jose office a call today at (408) 615-1995.

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