We Need To Build Our Own Immunity

immunity building foods on heart shaped plate

We need to build our own immunity. As Dr. Bush (endocrinologist and internist from Hawaii states) aka our microbiome. Now more than ever holistic medicine is essential as Natural medicine focuses on just this. We build our innate immunity through eating real organic food, eating with the seasons (what is seasonally grown in our climate) living in harmony with the patterns of nature (warm foods in the winter), regularity and consistency, utilizing the amazing power of herbs and cutting out sugar. I was lucky enough to study with great grandmaster Dr. Miriam Lee (with great acupuncturist Dr. Frank He). Dr. Miriam Lee used to say the change of the seasons (fall and spring) was the worst health risk for humans as we allow wind to penetrate our wind gate (neck) by not protecting ourselves from the environmental factors. Not bundling up and letting the chill hit us when the temperature changes quickly. We don’t catch a cold from the cold, we lower our immunity when we get cold because our blood that carries our immune cells doesn’t circulate as well to fight off viruses and bacteria, as it has to keep our organs warm... she said orange juice and salad (because they are cold and cold in nature) feed colds and flus. She said to keep feet and neck covered, don’t walk around with wet hair and breath through your nose. She said to sip warm lemon water throughout the day, and put hot packs over the lungs and/or belly. To have good immunity restore the righteous qi through “food Qi” and “air qi” (spleen, stomach, pancreas and lungs and large intestine working well). To do this eating easy to digest, organic high fiber balanced protein, carb and fat with digestive and anti phlegm foods such as turmeric, ginger and garlic. She said first sign of a sore throat eat a very hot fried egg... Yin chiao San is a great Chinese herbal for immunity and Echinacea in particular is the number one western herb to enhance immunity and it’s also anti aging. It can be taken every day (4 to 5 grams a day). My three favorite books are 1) Insights from a Senior Acupuncturist by Dr. Miriam Lee, OMD 2) Between Heaven and Earth, by the Korngolds OMD 3) Deep Nutrition by Dr. Shanahan, MD. I made a Qiyoga video for Allergies and neck (with Sarah and Jacki) that is only five minutes and can be done daily (it is a free download off of my website). We have to build our innate immunity. Personally I think daily walks in the sun , loving touch (including acupuncture), herbs and supplements and a bowl of Kitchari a day May keep the doctor away... I love western medicine, and encourage patients to use any medicine that is therapeutic in an integrative way. It is with over 30 years of clinical experience on the front lines of natural medicine that I have found holistic medicine understands and addresses innate immunity and is essential to stay well 🙏🏻

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