Things To Know for Your First Acupuncture Appointment

If it is your first time seeing an acupuncture practitioner, you might have a million questions. Here are some things to know before your first appointment.

You Will Be Asked Questions

Just like the standard questionnaire most doctors ask before your appointment, like your medical history, allergies, medications, alcohol consumption, an acupuncturist needs to ask the same things. The goal is to learn more about why you came to visit them in the first place. They will also ask about your sleeping patterns, sex life, digestive issues, menstruation cycles, and stressors. While it may feel irrelevant, acupuncturists ask these questions because many conditions can manifest from essential digestive functions or another unrelated system in the body. Answer them as correctly as you can so that your doctor can give you the best diagnose and treatment.

The Needles are Painless

There is no need to be concerned if you are typically afraid of needles. The needles acupuncturists use are roughly the width of a few pieces of hair. Most patients are surprised when they do not feel the needle, both as it is inserted and after its in place. While you may feel a tiny tingle when it enters, usually in areas like the shins and feet, patients feel little sensation once the needles are set.

Acupuncture might treat more than expected

If you do not feel well, but you start to feel better before your appointment, go anyways. Acupuncture focuses on healing the whole body. The body has many complex interconnections, and you might be surprised that even if you are feeling good, you will feel even better with acupuncture. People will come in for their neck, shoulder, or back pain but feel improved in other areas of the body. We are here to help you address all your psychological and physiological needs.

Make Sure to Eat

Drink plenty of water and have something in your stomach a few hours before your treatment. By eating, you can give your body enough energy to help avoid any faintness or dizziness during the session. Try not to show up feeling full and avoid heavy food.

You Can Wear Your Clothes

Unlike a massage, you will be able to keep on your clothes for the acupuncture session. That said, it is best if you wear loose-fitting clothes that can easily be rolled up or maneuvered. In some instances, acupuncturists will give you a hospital-like gown to wear to access your entire back.

Tongue Check

Acupuncturists will also address the state of your internal organs, so be prepared for them to take your pulse, check your abdomen, and even inspect the tongue before starting the therapy. The pulse, abdomen, and tongue are the three areas that correspond to other organ systems within the body. By expecting the tongue, for example, practitioners can evaluate your digestive system, as well as your metabolism, spleen, and sleep health.

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