Many couples, troubled with diagnosing of Infertility, have reasoned the option of Holistic or Complementary Medicine. These all mean the same and will be used interchangeably. Many of the treatments that are included within Holistic Medicine have been standard medical care in other parts of the world for centuries.

At Way of Wellness, we follow holistic treatments, natural medicines, Chinese medicine, herbology, nutrition, Qi-yoga, stress management, acupuncture and health consultations to help those using holistic medicine fertility specialists have an augmented chance for success. Those in California, San Jose, Silicon Valley in search of holistic medicine fertility specialists who can help you take control of your body and master issues that have prevented you from conceiving including irregular periods, endometriosis, POR (Poor Ovarian Reserve), advanced maternal age, and another impediment can rely on our way of wellness center for a holistic approach proven effective in many of our clientele services.

Holistic treatment is a itinerary; many women pick out to take today as a more natural approach centers on balance of every system in the body, helping restore fertility and total well-being. Through acupuncture, enhancing emotional health, proper nutrition, and holistic medicine you can significantly increase fertility whether your hope is to conceive naturally, or through the help of a holistic medicine fertility specialist. Go to for many success stories.