You might think that stress has nothing to do with infertility, but mind you, it’s one of the main reasons you’re not getting pregnant. Don’t believe me? Read on!

Stress plays a huge role in causing infertility, although not directly, but indirectly it does not allow your body to concentrate on becoming pregnant. It’s very simple to see why this happens. Imagine you’re cooking something for the first time from a recipe book, you have the knowledge, you know how it’s done, but it’s your first time. Now let’s assume that you’re starting to cook and suddenly you’re thinking about your work deadlines, your children’s behavior, their school pressure, your pet’s vaccination, your upcoming important event. What do you think happens next? Your mind is busy somewhere else and your body is trying to do something else altogether! Result? Nothing you expected.

When you’re planning for pregnancy, both your mind and your body should be thinking alike, only then are the results astonishing. If you stress too much on things, not like it would help anyway, but you eventually decrease your chances of becoming pregnant – which ultimately leads to more stress. It’s a vicious cycle that starts from you, and keeps repeating and rotating until you stop it. A lot of first couples who desperately want to become pregnant hear one thing from their elders, “relax and it will happen!” If you’ve heard that then let me tell you, it’s true – you need to relax for it to happen!

According to expert obstetrician and gynaecologist, Hamed Al-Taher, “Stress can affect the part of your brain (the hypothalamus) that regulates your hormones. The hypothalamus is the gland in the brain that controls the hormones required to release your eggs. This gland also regulates your partner’s testosterone levels. If stress takes a toll on your body, then it could mean you ovulate later than usual in your menstrual cycle, or not at all. This condition is called stress-induced anovulation.

Because everyone reacts to stress in a different way, but a traumatic event (like a missed deadline, an accident, or something even worse) can literally throw your cycle off its path and interfere with conceiving. Some women are so prone to stress that even a mere business trip can delay your ovulation.

How Do You Know You’re Stressed?

  • The first thing to notice is your cervical mucus – you will note that when you’re stressed there will be an increased cervical wetness when you ovulate as well as when you don’t. This way you can’t tell when to start conceiving because almost everyday you will find patches of wetness.
  • If you feel that your sex drive has decreased, it’s because of stress!

What Should I Do?

Well, for starters you have to make a change in your life so you’re more relaxed. Eating healthy food, exercising, meditating and doing some yoga can all help you reduce stress. Also try not to be alone too much, if you’re surrounded by people who love and care for you, stress will automatically take the back seat, but again there are others who don’t have the possibility of being around loved ones, maybe they travel too frequently, or they stay far away…if you’re one of them you can greatly benefit from joining a support group! The most important thing to remember is eating healthy, though. Sometimes no matter how hard you try, what you eat can interfere with your personal life making it difficult to conceive. So if you’ve been trying to conceive and have failed, I recommend that you try out the Kitchari Cleanse! It helps and there are real life examples to prove it!


A friend of mine referrred us to Dr. Shasta.  Before seeing her, we worked with infertility specialist for ovr a year and they were unable to find the problem.  Infertility treatments imbalanced my hormones and worsen my health.  Dr. Shasta worked with me using acupuncture to cleanse my body to balance my hormones.  I followed her dietary [lan and supplements to nourish my body.  After receiving her acupuncture services for four months, we are expecting our first baby.  Dr. Shasta is very knowledgeable, cordial, compassionate and always willing to go the extra mile to provide excellent care to her patients.  We cannot thank Dr. Shasta enough for her professional services. -Kiran K. Los Gatos

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