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Offering wellness coaching on all ailments utilizing TCM and Natural Functional Medicine.

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Why do You Need Wellness Coaching?

Health and wellness coaches help their clients make positive, long-term changes to their health and life. They guide people by assessing their current physical and emotional state, which will help them set goals and understand what they need to achieve overall wellness. This process helps them create a vision for their health and wellbeing, including assisting them in developing a healthy mindset and habits, and assisting them through the process until they meet their goals.

What should I expect from a Wellness Coach?

Wellness coaches taken a holistic approach to helping their clients. They help them make essential lifestyle changes, especially with improving their physical and emotional wellbeing. For wellness coaching to work, it requires a commitment on your part and open communication between both parties. Coaches help you uncover obstacles, and once you’ve identified these roadblocks, your coach can help you identify steps to overcome them.

What is the role of a health coach?

The role of a wellness coach is to evaluate and help improve a client’s health and wellness. By seeking the help of a wellness coach, you’ll get help with:

  • Assessing your current health condition
  • Developing health
  • Counseling services
  • Documentation of your progress
  • Behavioral health screenings
  • Creating a treatment plan
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