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Has your nerves started wracking owing to the endless winks you have put up in your 30-hour long day today?  To the rightly sleepless people out there, this is certainly not a hyperbole, but the mere reality. When the sandman stops to visit you, your balance with every reality is, much disrupted. If you choose to treat it with the sleeping pills, apart from the umpteen side effects, your creativity will surely have a perpetual meltdown.

Before starting out on any therapy to treat your insomnia, you must first jolt down any reasons for like fear, confusion or stress in your head that has been keeping it up.

Wild Lettuce

Wild lettuce helps one sleep and en route lose track of all headaches and joint pains, effectively. Naturally, derived supplements of wild lettuce should be, taken daily at a dosage not more than 120 mg but at a minimum of 30 mg, before sleep.


One of the most efficient methods of getting rid of all that tangled negativity in your head, different fragrances can induce calmth, peace and positivity in you that the very roots of your insomnia can be easily uprooted. Choose your essential oils, have bath in it, swab it on your sleeping pillow, wear it as a perfume or spread it around your home. Original essential oils can work wonder in just seconds.

Green Tea

L-thiamine is an amino acid derived from green tea, exclusively used to treat insomnia. So, your natural remedy is to simply have giant gulps of green tea, several times a day. It sure is an effective detoxification agent!

Valerian root

An exclusive sleep remedy, valerian root helps in enhancing your rate of falling asleep, sound sleep and energy boost in the morning after. The certain energy of valerian root consumption often keeps people awake too.

Chamomile, Passionflower and Lemon balm

Some of the most prominent and easy ways to naturally treat your insomnia is through having chamomile tea, dab of passionflower or lemon balm before sleep.

Apart from the above, there are innumerable traditional cures to insomnia. One modern and convenient cure is listening to ambient Music, practising mindfulness, eating the kitchari or yoga. All relaxation exercises helps in resolving insomnia effectively!