November 2010 Newsletter regarding Flus and Colds

Following the death of my mother in May of 1996, I began a grieving process which led to healing on many levels. By the time I saw Shasta in Feb. 1997, I had a second episode of the flu. I began being ill on New Year’s eve, and the flu reappeared with very severe cough. For about two weeks, all I had the energy to do was lie in the hammock in my back yard.

I began seeing Shasta every week, following her directions for my diet and herbs, and applying moxa and hot water bottles to my back and throat.

In four months, not only had my physical symptoms cleared, but I was on the way to healing with my Mom, doing strenuous yoga, and I had a breakthrough in my singing.

I continue to see Shasta one time a month, and take my herbs, and since last year I have not had even a sniffle. Shasta’s care for me was like a mother’s care, and what it taught me was how to care for myself. I learned to listen to myself and trust myself. Her healing touch included all levels of my being.

“I had had chronic constipation since college, sometimes I would go for weeks at a time without a good movement. I also had candida, bloating, sore legs, and susceptibility to lots of flu’s and colds. I was also 20 pounds over weight. I had eaten fast foods most of my life and really was ready to make a change, especially because I wanted to get pregnant and be healthy for that. I came in to see Shasta once a week for about 11 weeks, during which time I changed my diet, lost 15 pounds, and regulated my bowel movements. I feel stronger and healthier for the first time in a long time. Then, to my surprise I discovered I was PREGNANT which really surprised me because I had tried for a year or so before with no avail, and wasn’t sure if I would ever be able to get pregnant! Now I’m dealing with a new problem, morning sickness, but I’m very, very happy. Thanks for everything”

Before & After


“I had been struggling for one month with a bad flu. I had been prescribed an antibiotic which seemed to only cover up the main problem, it didn’t clear anything out (I still felt the cold inside of me). Things kept getting worse. I had to be rushed into the emergency center. My symptoms were bad cough, heart palpitations, optical headaches, severe nausea, severe diarrhea, dizziness, and sinus drainage. I was so dizzy I’d walk into walls.

Later that Week I came in to see Shasta. I only did a consultation (no acupuncture treatment), but by the second week the nausea and most all of the major symptoms above were gone. A lot of people around me with this same virus ended up with bronchial pneumonia. It’s crazy because the doctors say to stay away from dairy, but say drink a lot of fruit juice. I never would have guessed that this could aggravate my symptoms. The herbs worked better then the antihistamines and antibiotics. I work in a refrigerated environment, and am doing my best to keep myself warm. I still get a little bit dizzy, but it has improved by 85%. Thanks a lot Shasta”


A friend of mine referrred us to Dr. Shasta.  Before seeing her, we worked with infertility specialist for ovr a year and they were unable to find the problem.  Infertility treatments imbalanced my hormones and worsen my health.  Dr. Shasta worked with me using acupuncture to cleanse my body to balance my hormones.  I followed her dietary [lan and supplements to nourish my body.  After receiving her acupuncture services for four months, we are expecting our first baby.  Dr. Shasta is very knowledgeable, cordial, compassionate and always willing to go the extra mile to provide excellent care to her patients.  We cannot thank Dr. Shasta enough for her professional services. -Kiran K. Los Gatos

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