Research and Findings on Acupuncture

…it strengthens the immune system by increasing T-cell counts. This may be why it works on allergies and chronic fatigue syndrome.
…it releases pain-killing endorphins which also play a big role in the functioning of the hormonal system. This is why acupuncture works well for back pain, arthritis, ulcers and also for P.M.S.

..endorphins, released through acupuncture, not only relax the whole body when released, but they also regulate serotonin in the brain which plays a big part in our moods. This is why depression is often treated with acupuncture.

…it breaks the spasm cycle which muscles can get “caught” in, causing unrelenting tightness and pain. It does this by increasing circulation which in turn provides needed nutrients to nerves and muscles to begin healing.

…acupuncture works with our “life force” which is similar to our electrical circuitry that runs throughout our body. It taps into specific points along this circuitry and balances the energy connecting all of our major organs.

…acupuncture needles used are as fine as a human hair. The needles are left in place for 20 to 40 minutes during which time the patient usually relaxes under a heat lamp while soft music plays. In areas where you are especially tight, electrodes are often attached to the needles inducing a steady vibration. This vibration feels like a gentle massage.

…the number and frequency of treatments will vary. Some symptoms are relieved after the first treatment while others may take four to ten treatments. Your body chemistry, your particular problem, and the length of time that you have been ill will all play a part in the number and length of treatments.

…acupuncture works without drugs or chemicals. Acupuncture has no known side effects and is perfectly safe and comfortable for almost everyone.


I acquired major tendon damage in my forearms from taking the Antibiotic “Cipro” that left me unable to pursue my career as a Beach Volleyball player for several months. So when my Acupuncturist Shasta Ericson told me she could help, I jumped at the offer. Through Shasta’s skilled Acupuncture and care, my tendons…Read More

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