Medical advancements, ground-breaking techniques, earth-shattering innovations are all based on the toss of a fair coin, either they will have to adapt failure, or they will master the process of living!
However, one thing has always found its due way to our hearts, i.e., support!

No matter the bundling positive feeling associated with this word, it brings another uninvited necessary evil, i.e., dependency!
According to the researchers, a person is more afraid of dependency than the ways he/she may get killed while crossing the road during the regular morning walk!

That dependency constitutes to one of the biggest reasons why people avoid pain and try to deal with it as an occupational hazard related to living! Little do they know that almost 158 out of 210 cases of pain were remedied using acupuncture therapy without any opioids. Among the remaining 40 showed improvement while 12 showed not many good results!

It’s an ancient Chinese method of healing where the practitioner painlessly places thin needles in the patient’s body at specific points that are known to be the ones causing the humongous pain!
Acupuncture for pain management and treatment has been acknowledged by the WHO and NIH as a safe, secure and reliable method.

Take our word for it, once you start the session, you’ll feel an endless amount of release and a truckload of satisfaction. Dr. Shasta Ericson has given over 50,000 treatments . Experience Matters!
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