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With the 2011 deadly cancer tragedy of Andy Whitfield, the Spartacus star opened quite a lot of eyes around the world. The star neglected his excruciating lower back pain for a long time, until the very end where the doctors discovered a cancerous tumour constricting his spine into painful spasms. Most people have low back pains nowadays as being a couch potato is almost a prestigious award for the richest man, today. What if, your back pain is deadly and not just a random bump?

First, let us know what category of fatalities does malignant low back pain cause.


As aforementioned, there are many types of cancer near the low back, where a tumour growth can turn from benign to malignant cancer, if neglected for a long time. Spasms on the upper back are more cancer prone, usually.  Another significant symptom of cancer with low back pain is heavy weight loss.

Autoimmune disorder:
Many other conditions like joint stiffness, pain in joints, rashes, indigestion and irritation in eyes occur when the low back pain worsens to become an autoimmune disorder. A genetic history that reports any medical conditions relevant to the same can aggravate the condition as well.

Spinal Cord Damage:
Many of the rotting away or degeneration of our bones is sometimes excruciatingly painful while some being invisible. Spinal Canal Stenosis is one such disorder that can kill you without letting you in pain.
Usual spinal cord damage is also associated with a feeling of weight in the groin, buttocks or inner thighs as well. This is, caused due to the dysfunction in the nerve roots of your spinal canal.  This is a fatal resultant of a serious low back pain, where this clever disease kills or maims, through its subtle progress all throughout.

Symptoms of Deadly Low back Pain

  1. Prolonged low back pain for more than 6 months
  2. Worsening low back pain
  3. Pain in the spine while tapped lightly
  4. Weight loss
  5. Saddle or a heavy feeling in the groin, buttocks or inner thighs
  6. Sickness
  7. Irritation in eyes
  8. Indigestion
  9. Urethral Discharge
  10. Rashes
  11. Stiff joints
  12. Cramps
  13. Urinating difficulty
  14. Chills
  15. Numbness in the foot
  16. Weak legs
  17. Incontinence
  18. Fever
  19. Painful joints
  20. Diarrhoea

When in doubt, make sure you consult your doctor ASAP, as low back pain is also a symptom of deadly diseases as well.