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Are you tired of having to apply endless layers of mousse and foundation, just to cover up your eye bags or wrinkles? The solution is not, hidden in the kaleidoscopic and maddening cosmetic brands in your closest mall, but in the nature right outside your window. There are magic potions just around you, brewed from certain herbs, spices and plants to keep your facial skin from aging. Certain practises employ tradition procedures to rejuvenate the skin using the flora in your own vicinity.

With a wide-ranging cosmetic alternative to almost anything, being existent today, the rate of allergies and side effects are also shooting up. Why go for something that has been, packed in the pitch-black storerooms of a stranger, when you can have your own miracle anti-aging potions made within your home, with your hands?

Following provides some natural ways of skin-rejuvenation:

  1. Drink enough water to never be dehydrated
  2. Cleanse your skin with a natural cleanser that you made from rose and cream or of the same like. This gives your skin the Vitamin D, Vitamin C and moisturising to clean nad nurture the skin
  3. Make your own toner with green tea by mixing green tea, lime, herbs and spices in water and leaving it dry on your face, regularly
  4. Make masks by adding a therapeutic fruit or vegetable with honey and leaving it dry on the face for some time
  5. Periodically massage your body, face and skin with coconut oil
  6. Periodically have hot baths
  7. Reduce the amount of oil consumption in food
  8. Exercise daily
  9. Eat plenty of fruits everyday
  10. Always make sure that you wash your make up off before bed
  11. Apply a natural moisturiser before sleeping
  12. Choose oil-free and unscented make-up
  13. Always keep your skin moisturised and clean
  14. Wear sunscreen whenever going out during the day
  15. Reduce stress in your life through relaxation exercises like yoga and meditation
  16. Radiate positive thoughts and laugh more
  17. Never focus on just one body part at a time, try to pamper every part of your body equally
  18. Cut down on alcohol
  19. Cut down on Nicotine
  20. Smile forever!