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Dr. Shasta offers the very best in Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Herbology, Natural Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Qi-yoga, Stress Management, and Health & Integrative Medicine Lifestyle Advice.

"I've been going to Shasta for 8 years on and off for acupuncture for fertility. She is great to talk to because she is helpful, understanding and always positive. I did acupunture twice a week for about 3 months and i became pregnant at 34 and again and 42 with 2 healthy babies! She is a miracle worker and a blessing. I highly recommend Way of Wellness to anyone who is looking to get pregnant."

"Shasta has been wonderful to work with. She is very caring and compassionate and she listened to all my worries and issues. My husband and i were trying to conceive for months before we found our way to Shasta. Shasta and i worked out a plan to become as healthy as possible. We worked on diet, Supplements and my stress. within no time i was pregnant and i am currently 30 weeks along. I truly believe she helped us grow our family."

"Dr. Shasta is fantastic! My wife and I consulted with Dr. Shasta after we struggled to conceive for a little over a year. We already ate very healthy diets and supplemented appropriately with vitamins/minerals. We felt puzzled and extremely disappointed since having children was so important to both of us. Finally, we did some research and heard good things about acupuncture and fertility.

The treatment was or my wife, but I was part of the overall process, and had to write this review!

When we first visited Dr. Shasta, we weren't sure what to expect. She was so kind and seemed confident that she could help us. We appreciated her thorough intake and assessment of our individual situation. Flash forward just one month, six acupuncture sessions, and two weeks of Chinese herbs later and my wife and I conceived our first child! Today, out baby is 32 weeks along and my wife's pregnancy is going great. We are so incredibly grateful to Dr. Shasta for her life-changing work!

Like I mentioned, the treatment was for my wife, but I was part of the overall process, and had to write this review!

I highly recommend anyone who has been struggling with getting pregnant to try Dr. Shasta's acupuncture and herbal protocol."

"After 4 miscarriages, being over 38 years of age with an irregular cycle I conceived using natural medicine and acupuncture with 3 weeks and had a healthy baby girl. Two years later at age 40 with an AMH below a 1 doctors did not believe I could conceive. Within 8 weeks at Way of Wellness Natural Healthcare Inc I conceived and now have a healthy baby boy to join our family. Dr. Shata has given me the joy of motherhood."

"After one failed round of IVF, I sought the help and support of Shasta Ericson. Determined to do everything I could to make the second round of IVF work, acupuncture was a natural addition, especially with the research touting the.myriad benefits of acupuncture. For about 3 months, before during and after the second IVF cycle, Shasta worked her magic on me regularly - up to 3 times per week. During each session, my focus was on the end result - being pregnant. After the treatments, I felt calm, centered, peaceful, and was in a stress-less state. On the days when I didn't see Shasta, I continued to meditate and this helped me to decompress and remain focused on becoming pregnant. The end result? Acupuncture worked! . On October 20, 2009, Zander Frederick and Daisy Kay were born. I carried the babies to term - a full 39 weeks and 2 days and even managed to 'powerwalk' and ride a bicycle the day before I gave birth (yes, that was crazy, I know!). Acupuncture works and Shasta Ericson L.Ac. is an incredible acupuncturist. She's super- knowledgeable, has a gentle spirit, is kind and loving and is connected to her clients. No matter what's going on with your body, Shasta + acupuncture-results"

Dr. Shasta is truly God sent! My fianc? and I had been trying to conceive for 6 months and I was diagnosed with infertility without any explanation. By fate, I found Dr. Shasta on Yelp and right away I was able to schedule a free 15 minute consultation with her the very next day. She was very informative and direct in regards to her approach, treatment, and cost. During my first appointment she gave me such hope that everything would be okay and my diagnosis wasn't final as there are many other factors (hormones, stress, diet, etc) that can be causing a delay in getting pregnant. Her words came into existence because I am now 3 months pregnant!! My one on one's with her along with acupuncture treatment twice a week made such a difference in how I felt physically and emotionally. I began treatment in February and by mid February I was pregnant. I can't say enough about Dr. Shasta. She is very knowledgeable, caring, and has a calming spirit to her. She truly cares about her patients and goes the extra mile to provide helpful advice and care. I am still treating with her now 1-2 a week as her holistic and acupuncture approach has really made a difference in my health and has dramatically brought my stress levels down! Thank you Dr. Shasta we could not have done this without your care and support

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