Nausheen S.
San Jose, California

“I have been visiting Dr.Shasta for my reflux and GI issues for over 6 months now. She has many awesome qualities of being kind, patient and gentle that go a long way in healing illness and gaining good health. She is very knowledgeable and her treatment works from the get go! She is very encouraging and brings lots of positivity to the healing, which works wonders! My health issue started 5 years back and she has improved my health to a level that no other specialist has even come close to (and I've seen several across different states and countries). I'm actually seeing a possiblity of feeling completely normal again and highly recommend her!”

“Had a great experience At Way of Wellness Natural Health Care! I had some congestion in my lungs and sought out & acupuncturist for some relief. The congestion had been in my chest for over a month at this point. Shasta was so amazingly kind and loving in her care for myself and my health care problem. She set me up in my own little room. She used heat lamps at a very reasonable setting, assuring that I was comfortable through out the entire process. She left the room, following putting the tiny pins in my back, allowing me a much needed slumber for 20-30 minuets. After 20 minutes she checked back with me to ask if I wanted another 10 minutes. I had to get on my way at that point however. In the following days my lungs were less congested & my cough subsided. I was very pleased with my visit & results at “Way of Wellness Healthcare” & would recommend it to anyone. Thank you Shasta!”

“I have known and been treated by Shasta for over 10 years. She is extremely skilled, compassionate and very knowledgeable. Using a combination of acupuncture and herbal medication friends and family have seen favorable results for multiple problems including thyroid and chronic cough problems. I have referred multiple of my family and friends to Shasta and every single one of them have been impressed. I would highly recommend Shasta, not only for her expertise but also if you want someone who will listen, empathize and consistently be an amazing caregiver.”

“Acupuncture with Shasta is such a positive experience. She is kind, caring, and gentle. I have seen her for a variety of reasons over the years, but I would say the most unexpected result was when she treated me for anemia. Prior to the acupuncture treatments I was taking 6 times the rda of iron supplement with no increase in my iron levels as measured by blood tests. After acupuncture treatment, my iron was within the normal range, and I was not taking any iron supplement. I started feeling so much better and had much better energy. With none of the unpleasant side effects that iron supplements have. The other drastic change in my health was when I had h-pylori, and the MD wanted to wait until after the holidays to treat me because of concern that the antibiotics would make me sick. After 2 weeks being completely unable to keep any food down, I went to Shasta. That night I was able to eat. After the holidays, when the MD agreed to treat me with the antibiotic I continued sessions with Shasta and had no ill effects from the high dose of antibiotics I had to take. My son used to get a cough every year from November to February. Nothing helped it go away until I started taking him to acupuncture. At the first sign of cough I take him in and in clears up in a couple of days. He used to miss so much school from these severe coughs. Acupuncture with Shasta makes our lives better!”

“Shasta has been a true lifesaver for me! I have several auto immune diseases and after being hospitalized in January 2017 and being diagnosed with a serious liver disease I decided to try acupuncture. The first time I met Shasta she was so easy-going, very through, and friendly. She made me feel very comfortable. Not only did the acupuncture help, but she also provided so many nutrition tips that have helped me tremendously. After seeing Shasta a few times my liver functions went from being severely elevated to within normal range. It really works! She has treated my nausea as well as anxiety and every time I leave a visit I feel so much better. What I love best is how patient and flexible she is with having to reschedule and cancel last minute. I would highly recommend Shasta to anybody!”

“Dr. Shasta is a wonderful healer who is both knowledgeable and caring. She's helped me over the years with many challenges - including chronic injuries. My weekly sessions with her are deeply restorative and integral to my wellbeing. I've made her part of my health care team and so should you”

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Cindie A.
Aptos, California

“Shasta Ericson is an amazing acupuncturist and healer! On my first visit she identified a medical issue my physicians had missed and I am now receiving treatment for it. She is both incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate. I have only been seeing her for two weeks, but the combination of herbs and treatments have me feeling really great. The other day I just started running because I had so much energy. I highly recommend her. If you want to feel good, I suggest you make an appointment ASAP!”

“I have seen Shasta since 2008 and know that she has done amazing things for me and my health. From nausea from Chemo treatments, to the pain and effects of Radiation, Shasta treated me and I always left her office feeling relaxed and in a better place. I would see her for just getting balanced. Thank you again Shasta for being such an amazing Acupuncturist. I am here today because you helped me at the most critical time in my life.”

“I've been seeing Dr. Shasta for almost two months now to address a variety of health issues that my regular physician has brushed aside. Dr. Shasta makes me feel so comfortable and welcomed every time I go in for acupuncture. She remembers all my concerns, checks in on new symptoms, and never brushes aside what I bring up. Since seeing her I have seen a major improvement in my symptoms and can't wait to see how much more relief we can get.”

“Let me tell you about Shasta. She is an angel on Earth. Having someone to actually truly help you and help nourish your soul is hard to come by when your health insurance makes it nearly impossible to find a clinic that will take you. For the duration of time she has worked with me, she has not only helped my chronic pain and old injury, but she has given me tips to help it with nutrition, with her knowledge in natural medicine, with yoga, and her personal flare. She helps mend your anxiety as well as your physical pain. Moreover, her and her office goes above and beyond to assist you and check in with you. It doesn't feel like an acupuncture clinic... It feels like you are at a 5 star spa with the coolest and most professional, high end acupuncturist you've ever met. That is the experience she gives. Every. Time. Despite my insurance's issues and lack of assistance, she even called me personally to assist me when they made errors. To say she goes above and beyond for her patients is an understatement, she is truly that good. And I have been to MANY acupuncturists and clinics, so trust me....I know good. She is and will probably be always the best acupuncturist I will and have ever worked with. I am honored to have had the time she has given me and I hope I can work hard enough to go back to her office again. Do yourself a favor and go to this office. You won't regret it. Thank Shasta for everything. There's no thanks enough for all you've done for me.”

Sharon W.
Sparks, NV

“Where do I start? My issues:
1.Psorias of the scalp
2. Neck, Rheumatoid arthritis
3. Inflammation - IBS
4. Autoimmune Disease
I've been to a couple other acupuncturists, but maybe 10 - 15 years ago when I lived in San Jose, I had gone to Shasta for some stress related issues. So, I thought It was worth the 1-1/2 hr. drive to get back up to San Jose to see Shasta. I knew if anyone could help me it was her. I have to say she has improved my quality of life to a point that I feel about 97%+ back to normal. She put me on a restricted diet, BIG improvement for my IBS. The acupuncture also helped with my neck pain and stiffness, along with less pain and irritationtion from my psoriasis on my scalp. I would highly recommend Dr. Tierra for anyone looking for help in a number of symptoms! ”

“I have known Dr. ShastaTierra my entire life. She is truely a natural born healer and always has been. Her commitment to health and wellbeing for others is amazing. Shasta helped me understand hypothyroid when I had no idea what was wrong and was misdiagnosed by countless doctors. I couldn't be more grateful. Thank you Dr. Tierra!”