Andreas D.
Belmont, California

“Dr. Shasta offers an effective and quality-oriented healing center. Her knowledge and experience in the arts of Chinese Medicine have helped me bounce back from injuries and perform optimally again. Her expertise in acupuncture has served very well in my healing, both mentally and physically. Acute injuries which were lingering, such as my shoulders and quads, have returned to full range of motion and strength. I also enjoy the wonderful response of calm and serenity under her guidance with the acupuncture needle. She also performs other therapies such as cupping which I find highly effective. She has also offered dietary advice which I have followed; in particular the addition of Bone Broth into my diet. Simply put Dr. Shasta does a phenomenal job providing expertise in healing from the inside out which deep knowledge in Chinese Medicine.”

“dr? Just set up an appt. Read on for the more detailed story if you like. Dr. Shasta is a skilled and caring wellness professional. I had always been a skeptic regarding natural and "alternative" medicine, so I only tried acupuncture and herbal medicine after doing the full course of standard medical treatment for chronic pain from spinal problems. Long story short? I got more relief in two sessions of acupuncture than I had from months of physical therapy, exercise, painkillers, antidepressants, etc. I had really thrown the whole apparatus of Western at it. I also had skilled and caring providers, but their tools just did not work for me. Dr Shasta literally gave me my life back. I've drastically decreased my intake of standard painkillers and antiinflammatories. I maintain my wellness with a few herbal supplements and natural vitamins, and acupuncture when I feel like I could use a bit of a boost, or to treat occasional flare-ups . I give her my highest recommendation. I'd give my other treatments for my condition about a 3. Her treatment is a 10+.”

“I have been seeing Dr. Shasta for a variety of my health issues for the last few years. I have truly started believing that acupuncture is an alternative therapy for management and treatment of conditions. With her treatment, I have noticed significant relief with my painful cycles, migraines and most recently for lower back pain due to a disc bulge in L5-S1. I was also able to convince my husband to seek her treatment for his back pain issues and we both are extremely happy with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Shasta”

“I just started seeing Dr. Shasta Ericson for back pain. I as very impressed with her from the start of our first appointment. She asked a lot of questions and clarified my answers with great follow up questions. Once I was on her table, I appreciated her light touch while applying the acupuncture needles. I also love that she gave me a little remote bell, so that I could alert her if I needed anything during the treatment. I was pleased to get a whole take home packet that gave information regarding ways to detox my life, foods that will improve my health, and information specific to my condition. I highly recommend Dr. Shasta Ericson. ”

“Dr Shasta is an amazing healer! She is very caring and takes time to know her patients and their concerns. I’ve been going to her for a few weeks now and have experienced firsthand the benefits of Acupuncture. I have more energy and fatigue was one of my concerns; my BP is also stabilizing and every visit to Dr Shasta is an eye opener because she shares a wealth of info about diet and wellness. Highly recommend. And I’m so glad we found her!”

“Absolutely loved my experience with Dr Shasta. I was a little nervous to try acupuncture but I loved it and will definitely be back! I went in with some lower back pain and left feeling relaxed and refreshed. Thank you thank you!”

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Dr. Shasta offers the very best in Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Herbology, Natural Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Qi-yoga, Stress Management, and Health & Integrative Medicine Lifestyle Advice.

“Love this place. Wish my insurance could cover it so I could go more often. I use acupuncture for many things including back pain, tension and rejuvenation.”

Maureen B.
Southborough, MA

“A gift to all. Had severe hand pain and inflammation for several weeks and found no relief till I met Dr. Shasta. She is wonderful and I felt some relief after first session and after three sessions, completely pain free and swelling vanished. Highly recommend. A very caring and competent doctor.”

“I have lower back pain and had taken an Epidural in December with no relief. I started a 6 week program with Dr Shasta and was pleasantly surprised by the results. My left hip and back started feeling better after a few sessions. I am very pleased with the service. Dr Shasta is very professional and accommodating when I had to change schedule at the last minute.”

“Shasta at Way of Wellness is amazing. I have been seeing her about 6 months, I have had full spine and neck issues. Pinched nerves and I am also a runner and I work out. Without her I would not be able to continue these things. She makes you very comfortable with what she is doing she will stay by your side if she needs to and she will make sure to work with your schedule also and get you in. Between the acupuncture and cupping I am able to continue running and working out with less pain. I highly recommend Shasta, you won't regret it.”

Murugesan S.
San Jose, California

“My wife had a severe pain in solder and left hand, Dr. Shasta Ericson took a great care of my wife. My wife feels better now. Thanks Dr. for your awesome acupuncture treatment.”

“I came to see Shasta for weightloss and back pain. I have lost weight with her help and my back pain is completely gone. I have seen many acupuncturists in my life time and Shasta is by far one of the best. Se is quick and knowledgeable. She really knows her stuff. I am so glad I found her.”