“Dr Shasta’s acupuncture treatment has really been helping me a lot with IBS symptoms, as well as with headaches/migraines and fatigue. She carefully listens to what you have to say and about how you feel, then she proposes a very efficient and appropriate treatment for each session. I also really appreciate that she explains things and gives a lot of advice, about diet for instance. You feel better as well as empowered regarding your health, and it is quite rare to find a professional offering you both! I would definitely recommend Dr Shasta, as I have started to do among friends and family.”

“I started going for my migraines and tension in my shoulders. I can say after only a few month I have no migraines and mine were chronic where I would throw up from the pressure. Shasta worked on my tight hips which have really loosened up since her working on them. She does cupping on my shoulders as well and it helps alot since I have scarred tissue from yoga and being an athlete growing up. She saved my body and helped me calm my mind too. I go at least 2x a month and it made a huge difference.”

“Dr.Shasta is AMAZING! The initial consult with her was so thorough and she brought up a few things I wanted to discuss, herself! I felt so confident after the first consult to be in her care. I then did acupuncture treatments 3x a week and started feeling so much more better- energetic, calmer and positive in general. She not only comes up with a treatment plan but also with a diet for your needs, so it’s very holistic. She is super flexible with times and appointments and readily available on text message. She also remembers you and your history so easily and you literally pick up where you left off at the previous appointment. I also love the treatment rooms- they are quiet with calming music playing. I like to fix my appts during the middle of the day and it refreshes me so much for the rest of my work day. 5 stars for Dr.Shasta and her practice!!”

“I have been a client of Sierra for years. She is a great listener and provides treatments that are tailored to my physical and emotional health. She has a technique for weight loss that has helped me to lose 20 pounds! She also helps with my stress & anxiety, IBS, and back problems.”

“I went to see Dr. Tierra for general fatigue and she skillfully brought my body back into alignment. My energy level came back up along with a sense of joy. Dr. Tierra is knowledgeable about the subtleties of the energetic emotional body and very compassionate in her approach Acupuncture has many applications. Most recently, I visited her for relief of tension in my back. The office is clean and serene with a courteous front desk. Way of Wellness is a place for healing and renewal.”

“Shasta is an amazing and caring person. She's extremely good at what she does - taking care of and working on healing people. I experienced a lot of headache relief by her accupunture treatments. For any body ailments, I highly recommend you see her.”

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Dr. Shasta offers the very best in Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Herbology, Natural Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Qi-yoga, Stress Management, and Health & Integrative Medicine Lifestyle Advice.

“I've been seeing Shasta for two years now for migraines. she is fantastic. Not only with how gentle she is but also with tips on diet and excises you can do. I will never see anyone else! She is the best!”

“I met Dr Shasta a couple years ago as she came highly recommended from a dear friend. I was in a very difficult time in my life with migraines, stress, anxiety, and she helped me so much. You have to be consistent in your treatment and you will get the results your looking for. She is highly recommended and very considerate about your needs.”

Catherine W.
San Jose, California

“I consulted this place for help with stress management and blood pressure control. I was very pleased with the office and especially Shasta. She was very professional and really listened to me. I have been coming here a few weeks now and can already see a positive change. She is even covered on my insurance plan. I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

“I went to see Dr. Shasta for a few different reasons - infertility, Headaches, anxiety. My husband and I had been trying to have a baby for almost 2 years and had been doing fertility treatments for the past 6 months. I went to Dr. Shasta to help with my egg quality and lining and after 2 months of seeing her I was able to get pregnant. Given I was doing fertility treatments as well, but I think the Acupuncture helped me relax and improve my body overall. One thing that Dr. Shasta also greatly helped me with was my diet which is another factor that can be a cause of infertility. She helped me move to a more Mediterranean diet and was able to drop 5 pounds pretty quickly and also felt like I had a lot more energy. I have to say I wasn't very optimistic about trying acupuncture but my mom convinced me to try it and it DEFINITELY works. You feel completely relaxed and full of energy after the session. I recommend trying it with Dr. Shasta!”

Lindsey C.
New York, NY

“I've been struggling with personal issues regarding food for most of my life. I developed an eating disorder during college and since then have lost hope about being healthy. I ran into Way of Wellness on Groupon and thought I'd give acupuncture another shot. I had gone a few times when I was in middle school but not since then. Shasta has changed my life. During my consultation we talked for 45 minutes about my past issues and other mental/physical struggles. She understood and was compassionate about my problems. I think the combination of her positive, can-do persona mixed with extensive knowledge of Chinese (and Western) medicine, she targets the areas I need most. I have been gluten, dairy and soy free for almost 2 months and haven't felt this healthy in 9 years... My physical and mental trials seem to be under control and I'm not craving foods half as much. I feel more energetic in the morning and am sleeping better. She gives you tips for acupressure at home and helps advise other issues as well. I wish I could go more but it's expensive. Shasta understands that it's an investment and does not push or coerce you into purchasing anything. She even recommends alternative options if it's just not feasible budget wise. I would strongly recommend her for anyone looking to make a positive change. I have a biology/medicine background and appreciate her knowledge of Western medicine on top of Chinese.”

“I came to see Shasta seeking treatment for my anxiety and post-partum depression without having to resort to medication. I found her on Yelp and saw how many lives she has touched and decided to give her a try. I have never had acupuncture before so I wasn't sure as to how it all will go. But I've been seeing her now for a couple of months and I've been feeling great. I no longer have anxiety attacks and my mood has greatly improved. Thank you, Shasta, for giving me back that joie de vivre that had gone missing in my life.”