“I started seeing Dr. Tierra after being diagnosed with IBS. I cannot say enough amazing things about Dr. Shasta. The previous experience I had seeing an acupuncturist was just a quick 5 min conversation of what I was looking to gain from acupuncture. I did not feel like the person really listened to see what my body needed. Dr. Tierra took the time to sit down with me for my first appointment to ask me about my overall health which included physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental. She really made me feel like I could share anything with her and she showed a genuine interest. She created a 6 month plan for me which included a meal plan, exercise recommendations, and additional resources for my emotional and mental health. I was amazed with how much time she was able to spend with me and I left the appointment feeling excited for the journey I was going to be taking with acupuncture. I followed her Kitchari recipe and it has been a god send! With the plan she created, I was able to significantly lower my IBS symptoms and have dropped over 16 lbs. since my first appointment. I leave each appointment feeling better and at ease. I am so incredibly thankful that I was recommended to see her. If you are in need of acupuncture, don’t wait any longer, give her a call! She is passionate and truly cares about your health and making a difference! Thank you Dr. Tierra for all that you have done for me! You truly have saved my life for the better!!”

“I came to see Shasta for weightloss and back pain. I have lost weight with her help and my back pain is completely gone. I have seen many acupuncturists in my life time and Shasta is by far one of the best. Se is quick and knowledgeable. She really knows her stuff. I am so glad I found her.”

Deepali K.
Seattle, WA

“I have always been a believer in acupuncture and a holistic approach to healing. A big part of that is the food we eat and the products we use to make our food. With Dr. Tierra 's diet and other guidelines on nutrition, I have seen results in just over 2 weeks. I have always known about Kitchari, which is a heavenly detox food, that originates in India. But Dr.Tierra's modifications of the Kitchari that I was eating, and making it a constant in my diet, has easily helped me lose over 5 pounds in a short time. I can confidently say now that a lot of my excess weight was the toxins from the food I was consuming and the detox has helped flush that away. I also took a few blood tests results that showed really good progress on some key statistics related to my health. Additionally, I feel lighter, a lot more relaxed and focused thanks to my acupuncture treatments. I am so glad I found Dr. Tierra!!”

“I have been a client of Sierra for years. She is a great listener and provides treatments that are tailored to my physical and emotional health. She has a technique for weight loss that has helped me to lose 20 pounds! She also helps with my stress & anxiety, IBS, and back problems.”

“I wanted to start my review by saying that Shasta is amazing, I went to see her a few weeks ago to treat adult acne, in the last 6 months since I started with this problems I went to see so many holistic doctors, and nothing seems to help, finally I found her on Yelp and reading all the good reviews about her, I decided to see she, I schedule my appointment, and I was surprise with all questions about my health and my eating habits, after a thorough consultation she gave instructions to follow at home, she introduced me to Kitchari "God bless her for that" and since I started following her instructions my life has change completely. I had been struggling with binge eating disorder for almost 15 years, I was addicted to sugar and I mean very very addicted to sugar and carbs, my blood sugar was a mess, I had acne, I was bloated all the time, I had no energy at all, I was gaining weigh, my skin was always very dry, I was craving sugar and carbs all day long, I felt hopeless. After my consultation with Shasta I went to the grocery store and got everything I needed to cook the Kitchari, the following day I stared eating it thinking "what is this going to do in my body, I don't see nothing special in it" but OMG let me tell you this Kitchari soup is amazing, for the first time in many years I didn't have any craving for sweets or carbs, I was totally amaze, I keep eating the way she suggested and I keep getting better and better every day, NO MORE CRAVING FOR SWEETS AND CARBS, Kitchari is amazing, Shasta is amazing, LIFE IS AMAZING!!! If you are suffering from any illness or you just want to feel better, Shasta Ericson is the way to go.”

“As a newcomer to Acupuncture I had all these pre existing theories of how a session would be or how it would feel. I have had troubles with sustaining my weight and living a healthy lifestyle. So I decided to venture out and try something new, I had been referred to Shasta for all her wonderful work she has done over the years. During my appointment Shasta made me feel at ease and understood what I was going through. Let me say, I feel Shasta was meant to do this work for she has the passion and gentleness in your her spirit and calmness in her hands. It helped reduce my cravings and aided my organs so my food become energy rather than storing it as fat. I would highly recommend Shasta she is the best !”

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Dr. Shasta offers the very best in Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Herbology, Natural Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Qi-yoga, Stress Management, and Health & Integrative Medicine Lifestyle Advice.

“I came to Shasta after careful consideration since, like others, I was a little skeptical of acupuncture and on a budget So worth it!!! I've had consistent treatments since July 2015. I had adrenal fatigue which left me feeling wired and tired. I was also experiencing a sense of overwhelm, stress & edginess I started with 3 treatments a week for 4 weeks + kitcheri. Ask Shasta about the kitcheri and commit to do it -- amazing results. I now feel that I'm back into flow of my life, found access to natural energy AND I LOST WEIGHT!!! Shasta is extremely knowledgeable and happily shares that with you. She'll write it down on a sticky note, print it off and you'll have it in your hand when you leave. I've recommended her to my closest family and friends who live in the area. She will take care of you and acupuncture works.”

“Dr. Shasta is an amazing doctor, healer, woman & coach. She really brings it all! She intrinsically understands how the human body works and is an expert in both Chinese and Indian medicinal philosophies, bringing the best of these worlds together. The benefit of this to her patients is an approach that is thorough, balanced, & incorporates parts of each discipline so you receive the most specialized treatment plan possible. I visited her with a weight issue among other things. After following her plan, i lost 12 pounds in 8 weeks and I feel fantastic. That was 2 months ago. Since then I have lost 10 more pounds and with the help of Pilates have lost over 20 inches! I can't tell you the difference Dr. Shasta has made in my life. Her guidance, her treatment plan, her understanding of my body type and what it needed/didn't need etc has been a huge part of my success. I highly recommend Dr. Shasta to anyone seeking an alternative or an addition to western medicine for treatment of any condition you may have that you feel you need help with.”

“Lost 9.5 pounds in three weeks on Shasta's cleanse. But that wasn't the best part. Eliminating all those reactive foods and getting accupuncture gives me so much energy - I haven't felt this good in years!! I highly recommend Way of Wellness.”

“I found Shasta via groupon when I was looking for an acupuncturist to help me because I had been diagnosed with hypothyroid after years of struggle with my weight, I finally had an answer but wanted more than medication. Shasta has been a great, she has a wealth of knowledge on this & has helped me so much. I have been going to her for acupuncture for about a year now. I don't go as often as in the beginning but it has been worth my hard earned money to get healthy the natural way.”

“I've been seeing Shasta now for 6 months, and I feel fantastic. My thyroid is under control, my hair is growing back, my skin is clear and radiant, my energy level is consistent, and I've lost 28 pounds I make healthy food choices and exercise regularly. I drink plenty of water and get enough rest too. Shasta definitely played an integral part in my wellness.”

“I found Way of Wellness on yelp when I was desperately trying to get pregnant. After 2 years of trying I was starting to feel depressed, and had lots of anxiety. I also had migraine headaches that I hoped accupuncture would help. The treatments and accupressure yoga dvd really helped balance me out. I was able to better handle the stress of trying to get pregnant, my job, and all the other obstacles life presents. 7 months later I finally got pregnant, and now have a beautiful, healthy 8 month old daughter. My migraines didn't completely go away, but I did notice a reduction in their frequency. Shasta is a wonderful person. She really cares about her clients! I've been busy with work and baby so I haven't had accupuncture in awhile, but I do plan to get back in the routine with Shasta to help with the post-baby weight loss. I'll take all the weight loss help I can get!”