Shasta works Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and is usually available to treat patients undergoing IVF all 7 days a week
What to expect in your first treatment.
You can save time by fill out your intake form. Otherwise, you can fill out the form in our office.

Depending on the complexity of your health issues, your initial exam and consultation will range between 5 to 30 minutes. Treatment typically lasts 30 minutes lying down in a darkened room using one-use sterile disposable needles. Relaxing music will be playing.

The office has many treatment rooms, and at times all the rooms are filled with patients. Shasta and her assistants may filter from room to room to take care of each patient’s needs. Way of Wellness is an approved extern facility for Five Branches Acupuncture University, and frequently have students assisting us in the rooms.

After your treatment, you will be given a treatment plan that will include duration, type, and frequency of acupuncture treatments, and receive herbal nutrition and lifestyle advice from a Chinese medical perspective.

We request that you do not wear perfumes or fragrances.
We will bill insurance if we are in-network. Discount packages are available.

Insurance: We accept Cigna, United Health Care, Coastal, Optum Health and Valley Health Plan insurances. We do not take any Medicare or Medical insurance.Acupuncture:
As a primary health care modality, acupuncture works by treating specific points along “meridians” in the body with thin, pre-sterilized disposable needles and/or other adjacent modalities, to promote health, and alleviate medical problems. The World Health Organization recognizes acupuncture as an effective medical treatment and has issued a list of diseases amenable to acupuncture treatment. The Food and Drug Administration classifies acupuncture needles as “safe and effective medical devices”. Insurance coverage is commonly available.

Drawing on ancient herbal medicine from around the world, these “special foods” are formulated on an individual basis for nourishing, strengthening and regulating the flows of energy and blood throughout the body. Using the International GMP standard, or “good manufacturing practices”, these herbs are known for their strict hygienic policies and quality control.

Individualized programs are formulated to restore balance within the body by using modern and ancient food therapies which recognize the energetic properties of food specific for individual constitutions, climate and season.

Our Acupuncture clinic location is in San Jose, serving all of the Campbell, Los Gatos, Santa Clara, Saratoga areas. Please click here for contact information and driving directions.

We require a 24-hour cancellation policy or there is a $25 fee. If you have purchased a coupon read the cancellation policy as this will apply to you (Most of the coupons state if you cancel with less than 24 hours you forfeit your visit).


A friend of mine referrred us to Dr. Shasta.  Before seeing her, we worked with infertility specialist for ovr a year and they were unable to find the problem.  Infertility treatments imbalanced my hormones and worsen my health.  Dr. Shasta worked with me using acupuncture to cleanse my body to balance my hormones.  I followed her dietary [lan and supplements to nourish my body.  After receiving her acupuncture services for four months, we are expecting our first baby.  Dr. Shasta is very knowledgeable, cordial, compassionate and always willing to go the extra mile to provide excellent care to her patients.  We cannot thank Dr. Shasta enough for her professional services. -Kiran K. Los Gatos

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