Are you disappointed with diets and still struggling to be your ideal weight? Weight is more than a cosmetic issue. Studies show that excess weight is a risk factor for high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

Even though many Americans spend billions of dollars annually on weight loss products, obesity is still on the rise. Why? Cookie-cutter diets don’t work!

How can an acupuncturist help in weight loss?

Reducing Cravings: Balancing the body’s systems reduces cravings.
Stress Reduction: Acupuncture neutralizes the effect of cortisol, the “stress hormone” known to alter metabolism.

Organ Support: Acupuncture optimizes the digestive process so that food becomes energy rather than storing it as fat. Emotional issues may have their sources in the liver or adrenal glands.

Customized Care: Probably the most important service an acupuncturist provides is to assess a person’s body type, lifestyle and unique imbalances and formulate a customized treatment plan. In this way, your acupuncturist can get results where other methods have failed. You will discover what works for you.
Weight Loss Success Stories
Weight Loss

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Methods to achieve weight loss goals:
Diet: Often weight loss is a question of appropriate choices.
Exercise: Your acupuncturist can help formulate your program.
Lifestyle Changes: Meditation and Qigong reduce stress.
Herbal Remedies: Herbs can correct remaining imbalances.