Natural Face Enhancement through Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

The secrets of rejuvenation, longevity and beauty were highly sought after by members of the imperial royal court and the wealthy elite of ancient China. Chinese medicine is over 5,000 years old and is based on the principles of nature or “Tao.” The Chinese meticulously studied how nature manifested itself through cycles and flows of Qi (Chi) to preserve itself and create balance and harmony. Thus, the human body is a reflection of nature and follows the same principles. The main principle of Chinese medicine is centered around the concept of yin and yang, the two opposing forces that create life. The Qi or “vital life force” is a product of the healthy balance between yin and yang, and flows through the meridians or “energy pathways” along the body. If the Qi is out of balance this will manifest in the body as disease and will consequently show itself on the face and the body. “Anything in the interior will be reflected in the exterior” (famous Chinese doctor Zhu Danzi). Therefore a deficiency or excess of Qi can cause early wrinkling, dark circles under the eyes, acne, too little or too much body fat, too little or too much hair, red eyes, vision problems, gynecological problems, anxiety, fatigue, etc. Whole body and facial rejuvenation utilize the Microsystems of the face, like foot, hand, or ear reflexology, to circulate rejuvenating energy to the entire body. These excesses and deficiencies are brought back into balance through the Five modalities of Chinese Medicine. These modalities combined with lifestyle management are acupuncture, acupressure, herbology, nutrition, and Qigong (exercises/ meditation/ healing modality). These modalities are used to balance the yin and yang and regulate the flow of the Qi for optimum vitality.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been used for thousands of years to enhance vitality and beauty. It is just now becoming popular in America as a complimentary facial treatment. Film stars, models, socialites, corporate executives, like the royalty of ancient China, are discovering this ancient way to regain vitality, health, and youthfulness. The biggest secret discovered and cherished by my patients is the resolution of the underlying disorders of their body through the simultaneous rejuvenation of their face!

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