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More Fertility Success

After one failed round of IVF, I sought the help and support of Shasta Tierra.

Determined to do everything I could to make the second round of IVF work, acupuncture was a natural addition, especially with the research touting the.myriad benefits of acupuncture. For about 3 months, before during and after the second IVF cycle, Shasta worked her magic on me regularly – up to 3 times per week. During each session, my focus was on the end result — being pregnant.

After the treatments, I felt calm, centered, peaceful, and was in a stress-less state. On the days when I didn’t see Shasta, I continued to meditate and this helped me to decompress and remain focused on becoming pregnant.

The end result? Acupuncture worked! . On October 20, 2009, Zander Frederick and Daisy Kay were born. I carried the babies to term — a full 39 weeks and 2 days and even managed to ‘powerwalk’ and ride a bicycle the day before I gave birth (yes, that was crazy, I know!).

Acupuncture works and Shasta Tierra L.Ac. is an incredible acupuncturist. She’s super- knowledgeable, has a gentle spirit, is kind and loving and is connected to her clients.

No matter what’s going on with your body, Shasta + acupuncture—results:

Stacey Vulakh

My name is ruby , I want to share how Shasta’s kitchari cleanse helped and changed my life .
I went to shasta for fertility issue. She advisede for kitchari cleanse. Amazing amazing results with in 3 weeks no wonder I lost 13 pounds and I conceived within 3 weeks and I had a healthy baby girl who was born at 37 weeks and weight 9 lbs very healthy baby. All the credit goes to Shasta Tierra her treatment she has magic in her fingers she filled my life with joy and filled the empty space in my life. I have no words to thank her..
You were a big part Of this and we need to celebrate them! I will bring them by in a month or So and we can catch up. Thank you for all of your friendship and support during my very long infertility journey (3.5 years/ 10 rounds Of treatment… 6 101, 4 IVF). All so worth it! The babies are so wonderful! Thank you for always telling me to no “matter what happens, don’t give up! Try everything and stay strong’!
Nitu B.
Thanks Dr. Shasta for your help during my journey on fertility. I would like to give 5+ star to Dr. Shasta, she is incredibly good in giving specialized fertility acupuncture and massage. I tried many acupuncture clinics before coming to Dr. Shasta but got success with in 3 months of effective treatment by Dr. Shasta. She is very helpful & compassionate about her work and had always given me great tips/ advice on how lifestyle and eating habits. I am grateful to her timely help and treatment. Thanks again!!!
Brittney G.
Infertility guru! We were so blessed to have found Dr. Shasta! We were working with fertility specialist and told that we would never be able to conceive naturally, and would have to use IVF. We chose not to accept this and in research found Dr. Shasta, and thank god we did. She worked with me using acupuncture to clear the lines and help me relax. I am so blessed to say that we are now currently expecting our first with the help. Words can not express the thanks we have for all of her help. Without her we would be thinking we had no other choice.
Leanne F.
Dr. Shasta is incredible and the most knowledgeable acupuncturist I’ve seen before. I came to Dr. Shasta primarily for fertility, but also for weight loss- her two specialties! The initial consultation I left with a plan and action items to finally help me lose weight and get pregnant. After 5 weeks Of seeing her 3X a week (she recommends that the first 3 months), I can say I feel the best I ever had. I followed her dietary suggestions and lost 20 pounds in the 5 weeks since I started seeing her. I’m much more calm and less stressed. I finally feel like I’m on the right path to getting my body healthy for a baby. She truly cares about her patients and she’s very invested. something I’ve never gotten from anyone else. I love coming to see her and hoping for a positive pregnancy test soon! My insurance doesn’t cover her services (she does accept FSA though). but I really believe the investment in my health and future is worth what she is able to help me with.
Carmina B.
Still going to her; but I would like to Show you the results I have had eversince I started going to her July 2017 to present. The FIRST 4 photos are lengths of my monthly cycles dating all the way back to 2014. The LAST 2 are from July 2017 – PRESENT, when I started coming in for acupuncture sessions (twice a week; but started doing 3x per week last week until May to catch up and prepare for my trips). Her acupuncture + my custom supplements from her + proper eating + exercise (nothing too vigorous, just walking, elliptical. stationary bike and weights). Minus the acupuncture and supplements from Dr. Shasta, I never achieved these regularity on my menstrual cycle in the past, even up to the point of losing close to 50 lbs., with proper eating and exercise. The proof is in the pudding, her stuff works!

Kiran K.
Afriend of mine referred us to Dr. Shasta. Before seeing her we worked with infertility specialist for over a year and they were unable to find the problem. Infertility treatments imbalanced my hormones and worsen my health. Dr. Shasta worked with me using acupuncture to cleanse my body to balance my hormones. I followed her dietary plan and supplements to nourish my body. After receiving her acupuncture service for four months, we are expecting our first baby. Dr. Shasta is very knowledgeable, cordial, compassionate and always willing to go the extra mile to provide excellent care to her patients. We cannot thank enough Dr. Shasta for her professional Service.

Yvonne Q
Update: Dr. Shasta has helped me fight morning sickness during my pregnancy. Her acupuncture treatment makes me feel calm and relax. Now I have a beautiful and healthy baby girl. Thank you Shasta fot all your help.

Dalia H.
A bit of background before the road to acupuncture. I have been going through fertility treatments for more than 8 months. During those 8 months, I have experienced a great deal of stress and weight gain due to 3 failed ILJls as well as a failed egg retrieval during IVF. After the failed IVF cycle, I was referred to Dr. Shasta by my fertility clinic and what a difference it has made in me both emotionally and physically. I have been seeking treatment for the last 2 weeks and the majority of my stress has been reduced. Dr. Shasta also put me on a specialized diet which I have been following and I have already lost 10 pounds! I love seeing her and looking forward to working with her as I start my second IVF round later this month. Hoping for a different result and definitely feeling mentally more prepared thanks to her. I would recommend her to anyone.

Shelley H.
While going through severe morning sickness I decided to give acupuncture a try. Shasta is helping tremendously and I feel a large reduction in symptoms. She is professional, very reasonably priced, and knows her stuff. I will definitely recommend Shasta to anyone I know seeking alternative treatments.

Lakshmi A.
Shasta is wonderful person. She has been very helpful to get me pregnant. I have been trying to get pregnant from past 1 and half year. After four II-Jl failures. I attempted IVF with acupuncture at Way of Wellness which helped me to get pregnant in first attempt. I would recommend her, if you are trying to pregnant through fertility treatments. It has been One Of the most stressful journey but going to acupuncture and encouraging words from Shasta has put me at ease. I am 16weeks pregnant

Marie C.
I began treatment with Shasta Tierra as an adjunct to the traditional fertility treatrnent I was receiving. After I became pregnant with twins. I continued to see her throughout my pregnancy, for both morning sickness in the first trimester and edema and carpal tunnel later on in the pregnancy. My pregnancy was virtually complication-free. with no back pain or Other issues. I carried my babies to 37 weeks, which is full term for twins, and they were both a healthy weight (of over 6 lbs) at birth. I was also back to my pre-pregnancy weight by 1 month after delivery, and I think the acupuncture treatments definately played a part in that as well, Shasta is really easy to talk to, listens well, and is very knowledgeable. I always enjoyed my sessions with her, and by the time I had my babies, I felt like she was a friend.

Stacey V.
Shasta is a masterful acupunturist. She’s kind. gentle and is tremendously knowledgeable. She’ll listen to you and then work her magic to make you feel better. She helped me remain calm, centered and focused during a highly stressful and tumultuous time. With up to 3 visits per week over the period Of a few months, I saw results and met my goals. Shasta + acupunture = results

Arisve R.
I went to see Shasta Tierra at Way of Wellness for acupuncture for a shoulder injury. I immediately felt comfortable working with Shasta as she was very personable and encouraging, and had a wealth of knowledge to share with me. While I was going there, I learned that she specializes in fertility acupuncture. My husband and I had been trying to conceive for two years before seeking help from Shasta. I found Shasta’s diet recommendation and weekly treatment to be helpful as I prepared to conceive. After receiving treatment for about six months, we were finally able to conceive a beautiful boy. I highly recommend Shasta for anyone who is trying to conceive. Her caring demeanor and professionalism can make a difficult situation be more bearable.

Monica E.
I found Shasta via groupon when I was looking for an acupuncturist to help me because I had been diagnosed with hypothyroid after years of struggle with my weight, I finally had an answer but wanted more than medication. Shasta has been a great, she has a wealth Of knowledge on this & has helped me so much. I have been going to her for acupuncture for about a year now. I don’t go as Often as in the beginning but it has been worth my hard earned money to get healthy the natural

Tina G.
So this is coming from someone who hated needles and is very far from earthy, holistic stuff. I was married at 38 and yeamed to be a mom. Due to my age, things were difficult. After a certain age, you just do not have that many viable eggs left. I started doing research and asking lots of people about their experiences and what not, I really wanted a child of my own. I kept hearing that acupuncture would help, but I was skeptical. I spoke to a friend who was also an older mom about her experiences and she told me about Shasta. This sounded like someone I could handle and that was not all hippy (not that it would have been a bad thing) but just not my cup of tea. I called to make an appointment and left a message with what I wanted and needed. She called me the next day and was very friendly, caring, and explained a lot. I went in and was happy to find a beautiful woman who was welcoming and understood my concerns and fears and wanted nothing more than to make me feel comfortable and assure me she was here to help. I had not had any success getting pregnant on my own before this. After we talked and I found Out that I could get this covered by my insurance for a number of visits, we started to make a plan. She gave me suggestions on diet, exercises, and supplements to help me conceive. I did it all and I became pregnant right away. I was shocked and amazed. Now here is the reality of life. I did miscarry. I actually got pregnant 7 times and miscarried 7 times, but the fact was I was now getting pregnant often and quickly with these treatments. Shasta even helped me during my miscarriages to help me not only recover but to subside bleeding and other pains. She also was a great confidant, she really and truly cares about her patients and listen and cried with me many, many times. I know you may read this and think, but you miscarried 7 times. I do not look at it that way, I got pregnant 7 times and had not gotten pregnant once doing it without Shasta’s help. I changed my mind about holistic healing for sure. although I still do not want an overly earthy person. I think all the advice she gave me, the diet I went on, the supplements, her nurturing personality, and of course the acupuncture is why I became so successful. I am happy to say that a month after my 7th miscarriage that I conceived again. I, of course, was scared, shocked, and so happy! If you look at the photos on this Yelp site, you will see a photo of Shasta, me (long dark hair and purple shirt), and my Son in the baby carrier. I had a successful pregnancy and gave birth to my son when I was 43 years old. I conceived naturally, no drugs, no IVF/IUI, and I know that Shasta was a huge part of our success. I highly recommend Shasta for all her services. She continues to be a bright light in my life and I can never thank her enough for everything she did for us. My son is now 18 months old, sorry it took so long to write this review but being a new mommy is a busy life. So if you have fertility issues please consider Shasta’s services. I also know she helped with back pain, sinus, and lots more. Thanks for all your help, you are more than our acupuncturist.. -you are our friend!

Garnet G.
I have been seeing Shasta since 2011. I was referred to her by a friend as I was about to start IVF for the first time. I have to say that she knew I was pregnant before anyone else did, and her accupuncture was the only thing to help with my nausea.
I now have a 14mth old beautiful little girl. I have since gone to her for carpel tunnel and will be seeing her some more as we attempt another IVF cycle.
Shasta is good people and you will be in good hands with her.

N A.
I met Shasta after several years Of trying to have children and 3 failed IVF attempts. At the age Of 42 and having fibroid removal Surgery, I thought my chances of getting pregnant are slim to none. I was also pretty scared of needles and I thought I’m a type of person that will never be comfortable having dozen or more needles in her body
But after initial visit with Shasta, I became one of her patients. I have to admit that she was right when she told me that it doesnft hurt at all, and very Soon I became very comfortable and very relaxed with the treatments and I was looking forward for my next session. I followed everything she told from how frequent my visits should be, to what type of food to consume and what supplements to take.
I trusted her because of her sincere passion for infertility treatment through acupuncture, her dedication, background, and because of how comfortable she made me feel. She always spent time discussing different aspects of the treatment plan and she provided me with educational and nutritional resources to supplement the entire experience. All I can say is that I had an excellent experience with Shasta, As a professional , not only was she interested in my treatment plan, but she was interested in me as a person and I trusted her completely.
As a person, she is very sweet. nice, sincere and caring individual. I became pregnant and I continued seeing her throughout my pregnancy . She remained concerned about my health as I my pregnancy was progressing.
And recently my husband and I welcomed two beautiful babies to our family. I truly believe that the acupuncture treatrnentS that Shasta provides had a large impact on our success. I would recommend her without reservation!!!”

Vivian J.
I have been going to Shasta for over a year and she is the best!!
Everyone in her office is always very sweet and gets you into a room right away. Shasta makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed while you are there and will always answer all your questions. Her sessions are always super relaxing after a long day at work!! She accepts most insurance and has great packages as well if you don’t have insurance coverage. Her rooms have relaxing music, blankets and pillows. I love seeing Shasta!

Khushbu V.
I went to Dr Shashta for my PCOS issues. i have always had irregular cycles and used pill. After stopping the pill when cycles didn’t get regular i decided to go through natural route and I must say I am happy that i made that call. Acupuncture is not painful and Dr shashta is wonderful. She is and realty supportive as she works with you to make things comfortable for you. she gave me suggestions to make changes in my diet and lifestyle at the same time she continued her work and after each session, I always felt calm, more relaxed and doing acupuncture helped me to manage stress better. if anyone is suffering from period issues Or fertility problems acupuncture can definitely help since it is an investment in ur long term health. I have definitely seen positive change in my self so hopefully, my cycles will stay regular and we can start family soon.

Trusha P.
I’ve been seeing Dr. Shasta Tierra for my infertility Guess. My first intake was very thorough and recommended foods to eat, what type of activities I should add, as well as pages and pages Of great information, products that would help me get pregnant. She offer a reasonable pricing package of acupuncture. Within 6 weeks Of acupuncture, I got pregnant. Although my pregnancy did not stick. I still see Dr_ Tierra has a great bedside manner and even called to check on me to see how I was doing with the pregnancy. I highly recommend her, even for stress relief and relaxation.

Rut Y.
I feel good getting treatment at Way of Wellness. When I met Shasta I felt encouraged to Perdue my health goals and is has helped ease my disappointment and sadness. She is always telling me to have hope and not to give up. I have lost 9 pounds since taking her Natural Health Makeover program and getting acupuncture and I have much more energy, I also do the Acupressure for Fertility video that Shasta made regularly and it has decreased my stress. I can hold the tree pose now. I feel hopeful that doing natural medicine can help me a lot.

Stacey C.
I went to see Shasta because I was trying to get pregnant and I needed her help and expertise due to my infertility issue. I truly believe she helped me get pregnant and she helped me maintain a healthy pregnancy (l am due any day now). Shasta was recommended to me by 2 Other women who had infertility issues and Shasta helped both of them to each have a beautiful, healthy child. I have found Shasta keeps the medical office clean and sterile yet it is a very calming and relaxing environment. Shasta is very nurturing, caring and very passionate about what she does. She also was a great help with the emotional side of trying to get pregnant and more confident through my pregnancy. I highly recommend Shasta to any women who is tying to get pregnant, whether you’re having infertility issues or not, she is amazing and can help you get pregnant and stay healthy throughout your pregnancy.