“PAIN – NECK, BACK, KNEE, JOINT, SHOULDER SUCCESS STORIES” Such a great experience! I went in yesterday for my first acupuncture session ever not knowing what to expect. Shasta is super friendly, very knowledgeable and an expert in her field. Just in our short evaluation she was able to determine the root cause of my symptoms and recommended exactly what I needed to improve and reach my maximum performance as a golf professional.

We focused on my tight hips. I also told her I had cramps in my feet, weak joints, cold feet/hands, weight loss, etc. She applied the needles in the correct position with no pain at all. After 25 minutes or so relaxing and listening to meditative music I felt calm and refreshed. I noticed less tension in my lower body and hips right away. I really did not expect noticeable results right away!

It didn’t even really kick in until night when I was laying down in my bed and I notice that this was probably the most relaxed my hips and legs have been in years… I also noticed my hands and feet seem to have more blood flow and best of all this was one of the first times in a long time my feet and hands were not cold. I did some more deep breathing and felt the benefits even more! Even better, when I woke up in the morning I was still warm and comfortable. This might sound like a minor issue for some but for me this is a life changer! My hips and legs feel like they have more circulation and less tension. It’s amazing.

Shasta is the best!! Can’t wait for my next appointment!! A+++

– Bryan P

My first experience with you was a telephone conversation scheduling appointment for tennis elbow symptom. You seemed to be more concerned than I. This was a first. My previous experience with medicine and doctors was that the fee was more important than the patient. Anyway, I was relieved of the pain and on my way to better health after the first visit. Since committing to follow the plan you customized for me I have lost over forty pounds (in six months), sleep the night through, and feel much better about myself. I never was low on self-esteem but it does feel good to have others comment on how much weight I have lost. I am now and good health will continue. Sincerely, Ronald Waldschmidt

I went to see Shasta Ericson at Way of Wellness for acupuncture for a shoulder injury. I immediately felt comfortable working with Shasta as she was very personable and encouraging, and had a wealth of knowledge to share with me.

While I was going there, I learned that she specializes in fertility acupuncture. My husband and I had been trying to conceive for two years before seeking help from Shasta. I found Shasta’s diet recommendation and weekly treatment to be helpful as I prepared to conceive. After receiving treatment for about six months, we were finally able to conceive a beautiful boy. I highly recommend Shasta for anyone who is trying to conceive. Her caring demeanor and professionalism can make a difficult situation be more bearable.

Shasta has helped me with two major issues. The first was with lower back spasms resulting from an all and moving a log The more complicated issue has resulted from my brain injury relating to energy, concentration and body mobility. All of these issues have greatly improved since first seeing her. I cannot recommend her high enough for any physical or mental activity because my health as a whole has improved.

I had pain for over a year in my left ankle due to FHL tendonitis. I had surgery for it which did reduce the pain for the first few months but it came back due to scar tissue build-up. It wasn’t as bad as before the surgery, but it still hurts. I tried physical therapy for 2-3 months until insurance ran out, but no significant relief. I was desperate at this point. I hate needles, so the thought of trying acupuncture was a bit scary too me. But like I said I was desperate. I searched for a good acupuncturist fon the web, and Shasta’s name kept coming up. So I decided to give her a try. In my initial exam, I explained to her what my condition was in detail, and she told me if I give her a chance she could help me. So I gave her a chance.
I saw her 3 times a week for 1 month (same thing I did in my first month of physical therapy). And after a month of electro-acupuncture with heat and with moxa stick application at home, I can honestly say 95% of my pain is gone!

For over a year, the first few steps after getting out of bed in the morning were the most painful. About a week ago, I got out of bed and steeled myself for the usual pain. I was so surprised to feel nothing! No pain! I had gotten so used to the pain that it felt so weird not to have any pain, especially with the first step out of bed. It feels so good now not have to think about my ankle cause it doesn’t hurt. Thank you so much, Shasta!!! You are the best! I am now a big believer in acupuncture and in you. I will now turn to acupuncture (which means you) first before I try anything else like physical therapy.

Shasta has been my acupuncturist for 2 years. She has helped relieve muscle pain and stiff neck caused by stress. I also consult her when I feel a cold/flu coming and she recommends the appropriate herbs for preventive measures. I’ve never had acupuncture for my face until I started coming to Shasta, and my skin and face are always radiant after. Most importantly she helps my body adjust to the change of seasons. She is the best!!!

Shasta is wonderful! I have had back issues for years and all the meds in the world were not helping the chronic pain. I needed relief!
I found Shasta and had work done on my back, she is amazing… My pain is gone, except for the occasional flare up (which has nothing to do with Shasta, just me being old) and I feel so much better… I have been a fan of acupuncture for years and it is hard to find someone that you like and that works or you… Shasta is all of the above!

She has done wonders for women that have had fertility issues and it is displayed all throughout her office. I would suggest giving acupuncture a try and Shasta is the one to visit!

I got lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) earlier this year and went through numerous physical therapy sessions to get myself heal. My main issue was grip strength with my arm fully extended. It had not improved throughout all of my PT visits (as verified by a grip force meter) so I was pretty displeased with the lack of improvement.

Then a friend of mine suggested I should try acupuncture so I set up a consultation with Shasta and have been seeing her on a regular basis. As of this writing . I can say I’m like 100% healed. I don’t have to wear my arm brace any longer, there’s been a dramatic improvement in my grip strength, and there’s no pain when I do anything physical with the arm.

In addition to mending my tennis elbow, Shasta has helped me lose about 13 lbs. As with a lot of people, it’s really hard for me to lose weight. With acupuncture and Shasta’s recommended diet plan, I went from 177 to 164 lbs and no longer have *cough* a pot belly. That’s all with no cardio work as well.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere Shasta sets up in her treatment rooms. They are comfortable, relaxing and soothing enough that I can easily fall asleep. My visits usually lasted about a half and hour, and I always wished that I can stay 30 minutes more.

Shasta is a very kind and caring person, and her staff has always been courteous and professional throughout all of my visits. I’m now pain-free, healthier and looking forward to playing golf again….

Thanks to Shasta


I began seeing Shasta last week. Since then, I’ve been able to sleep a lot better. A day after my first visit, I took a short nap at 6pm. I woke up and saw that the clock said 7:30. I got up and got ready to take a shower when I looked outside and noticed that the light looked different that morning. Soon I began to realize that is was 7:30PM of the same day. I slept 90 minutes and it felt like a night’s worth!

Shasta is very professional. Her offices are comfortable. Her prices are reasonable. I highly recommend.

I was referred to Shasta by 2 coworkers when I had a pinched nerve in my neck and was in terrible pain. Shasta’s office is clean welcoming and close to both my work and home!

I was seeing my PCP, who gave me plenty of drugs, but acupuncture really gave me some pain relief for 8-10 hrs and made it possible for me to muddle thru until my pain was better controlled and until I could finally get referred to pain management and see one of the Kaiser Acupuncturists.

Thanks Shasta!


“I’m not coming in right now because my pain (two months of neck and mid-back muscle spasms) are pretty much gone! That was the quickest recovery I could have imagined. I am saving the rest of my insurance treatments for the rest of the year in case I need them for something else.
Thank you.”


When I first came to Shasta I had just been put on Vasotec to control my high blood pressure. I was interested because I was only 29 and very concerned about being dependent on medication at such a young age.

Natural medicine had always interested me and I was curious as to whether acupuncture could help me. I kept telling Shasta that my main interest was in loosing weight and coming off of the medication, she told me she couldn’t treat these directly, but she continued to ask me about all of my other symptoms like insomnia, swollen ankles, my eating habits, the heat in my palms and feet, afternoon fever, constant diarrhea, low back pain, dryness under the eyes, dry eyes, poor memory, and constant anxiety. She used all these different words to describe her diagnosis, which I thought were strange, but I figured I’d give it a chance. We set up a six-month plan. Most of the above symptoms disappeared (which I thought was nice and Shasta seemed very excited about), however, by month four my blood pressure hadn’t dropped and I was getting fed up. The amazing thing is by exactly six months from when we drew up the health plan I had weaned myself off the Vasotec and had completely normal blood pressure!!

I’m still not sure how it happened, or why. Maybe the treatments over time accumulated and helped my body regulate itself. Whatever the reason, I’ve heard high blood pressure at a young age is very difficult to reverse, and I’m very happy Shasta was a part of me healing myself.


For quite some time I had experienced much chronic pain in my lower back and in various joints. At the age of 35, I was having frequent trouble in my lower back and was not able to sleep in certain positions. Several joints were also not flexing in the morning: most notably, in the morning two of my fingers would often remain in a closed-fist position for up to an hour before being able to move them normally again.

At first, I tried getting steroid shots for my fingers and chiropractic care for my back. Yet these remedies, for me, did not yield any positive fruit. In due time, however, I met Shasta, whose genuine desire to see my health improve convinced me that I should take acupuncture as an approach to my healing.

Shasta’s combination of acupuncture, holistic planetary diet, and earnest spiritual care worked wonders in healing my pain. The acupuncture was not the least bit painful, rather, it was indeed blissful, even causing me to laugh like a child.

Within a few sessions, together with a new diet, I could once again lie down without any back pain and rise up without any joint pain. However it has worked I do not wholly understand, but what I do wholly know is that it does work…indeed I feel great!


I came in with severe knee pain that was so bad I could hardly stand for more than a couple of minutes. Walking was very uncomfortable also. For seven months I went to many different doctors, specialists, etc. and got no relief. After only three and a half weeks under your care, I was able to dance for an hour and a half straight! I can walk fine now, there is no more pain. Not only am I feeling better, I’ve also lost about 20 pounds, and I have a more positive attitude; I feel as though I am getting back to my old self.


I came to see Shasta for severe pain in my forearm and biceps due to a work injury. I couldn’t do regular household chores or everyday simple things, like holding a coffee cup or brushing my teeth would give me sharp pains. The medical doctor had me on seven different pain medications without much relief. All they did was cause me major stomach problems. Physical therapy didn’t help much either. I felt frustrated and depressed. This went on for seven months so I decided to try acupuncture. Within one month of acupuncture I was off all me pain meds and allergy medication my stomach pain cleared up and my forearm pain was 50 percent less. I was able to begin strengthening exercises like swimming. By the end of the second month of acupuncture (coming 3 times a week) I was off all pain medication and my pain is pretty much gone. I also was able to get off coffee and I lost ten pounds. I’m able to do all the regular chores around the house now I feel strong and ready to go back to work.


I came to see Shasta for chronic low back pain, due to my herniated discs. I’ve had three surgeries, which didn’t help me much. I had to take medication twice a day and walked with a cane and a walker. By 4 or 5 p.m. the pain would be so bad that I had to take the strong medication, which didn’t help. After about 12 treatments, three times a week, I don’t need any more pain medication. I am able to give the walker to my brother. Also, do household chores, which I wasn’t able to do before. For example, make my bed, mop the floor, and do my own laundry.



To Whom It May Concern:

One day I went to my doctor, because I had pain in the back of my neck on the right side. Then I had a tingling feeling in my right shoulder off and on, as if that part was falling asleep. The doctor had me taken a MRI, which showed, that in 4 vertebrae’s the liquid, surrounding the spinal cord, was missing. I therefore had to go to the hospital to get 3 times some cervical epidural injections. They did not work.

He then prescribed me physical therapy. That did not work either.
I then got a cortisone shot in my neck. Still not working,
He then told me if nothing works, why not to try acupuncture.

I then found “Way of Wellness”. Shasta, the acupuncturist told me that it would take at least 12 treatments. I took those. The pain in my neck prevented me from getting a good sleep. After 6 treatments, the pain in my neck was so much less that I could fall asleep at night again. What a blessing! After twelve treatments the tingling feeling in my shoulder had diminished very much. For good measure, I took an additional 6 treatments.

I hereby like to thank Shasta again for her help.


I came to see Shasta mainly for chemical sensitivities with symptoms of tightness in chest, shortness of breath, numbness in sinuses, tightness in the right lung, rib pain etc. I also experienced general fatigue all the time and chronic low back pain. Much to my surprise, Shasta informed me that the fatigue and low back pain were related from a Chinese Medicine perspective and that the allergies I felt should improve with an increase of energy…

I began the health program she designed for me which included changing my diet dramatically, getting to bed earlier, and other lifestyle changes. I really appreciated how Shasta combined Western Medicine laboratory tests with the Chinese Medicine treatments. We were able to rule out many possible problems by testing what I may be allergic to, my gastrointestinal function, as well as my hormones. Because of this Shasta was able to refer me to the right places for different ailments.

I am happy to say that after many years of chronic low back pain and rib pain, I am almost pain-free! It seems as if my chemical sensitivities are better also. The interesting thing is that the main thing Shasta said we were setting out to achieve has happened — I HAVE MUCH MORE ENERGY!!


I came into Shasta’s clinic with many symptoms ranging from low energy, low back pain, bleeding gums, calve cramps, neck and shoulder tension anxiety, to left wrist pain, etc. but the three worst complaints were #1) Sinus congestion #2) sinus headaches #3) abdominal gas, bloating and cramping. So these are the three main symptoms Shasta focused her treatments on. Most all of the above symptoms including the sinus headaches have been greatly reduced or eliminated. The sinus congestion and abdominal cramping have been the two most persistent and chronic problems.

Over the course of the last year and a half of treatments, Shasta advised me on dietary, herbal and lifestyle recommendations. She recommended that I purchase a powerful air purifier for my home, an exercise program and to decrease my sugar, dairy, and chilled foods, etc. I have been able to follow most of these except perhaps the exercise.

I went to my M.D. and was told that I had pretty severely deviated septum which he recommended surgery for. Due to the deviated septum, with all of Shasta’s effort the condition has improved, but not fixed.

Most all of the above symptoms including the sinus headaches have been greatly reduced or eliminated. The sinus congestion and abdominal cramping have been the two most persistent and chronic problems.

I believe the acupuncture treatments are necessary because they improve all of my symptoms and keep me from having bad sinus headaches.