A question that always pops up in the head whenever someone talks about acupuncture to increase fertility in women is how does a bunch of special needles, pinching certain areas in the body could in any way increase the fertility in women? The answer can never be figured out by common sense because this really has to do with the amusing connection of nerves are body has, leaving us bewildered after realizing how the art of acupuncture really works.
The fact that we have energy chakras, which when activated, can fix most illnesses in our bodies is unknown to must. According to Chinese medicinal approach, our body is but a big river with estuaries and channels in the form of energy. Each square millimeter of our body has an energy channel in it. It is the disturbance and disruption in these energy channels that lead to emotional and physical illnesses. Fixing these disruptions is what acupuncture is all about. A functional medicine fertility doctor would also recommend needle punching in specific points because it activates the energy meridians, thus repairing the connection between all the channels and restoring overall health.
In most cases of infertility in women, hormonal imbalance stops the mature egg to get released from the ovary. Stress and tension generally lead to hormonal imbalances, which later give rise to infertility in women. This is where the Chinese art of acupuncture comes to play its part. At Way of Wellness by Dr. Shasta, we acupuncture few areas in the body, to relieve stress, thus helping the body reverting to its initial healthy state.