“I had been struggling for one month with a bad flu. I had been prescribed an antibiotic which seemed to only cover up the main problem, it didn’t clear anything out (I still felt the cold inside of me). Things kept getting worse. I had to be rushed into the emergency center. My symptoms were bad cough, heart palpitations, optical headaches, severe nausea, severe diarrhea, dizziness, and sinus drainage. I was so dizzy I’d walk into walls.
Later that Week I came in to see Shasta. I only did a consultation (no acupuncture treatment), but by the second week the nausea and most all of the major symptoms above were gone. A lot of people around me with this same virus ended up with bronchial pneumonia. It’s crazy because the doctors say to stay away from dairy, but say drink a lot of fruit juice. I never would have guessed that this could aggravate my symptoms. The herbs worked better then the antihistamines and antibiotics. I work in a refrigerated environment, and am doing my best to keep myself warm. I still get a little bit dizzy, but it has improved by 85%. Thanks a lot Shasta”

“Every winter without fail I had sinus infections in the winter (which were always treated with antibiotics), and allergies in the summer. The first winter I got acupuncture treatments and herbs was my first winter in 18 years I had NO SINUS INFECTION OR HEADACHE. The allergies that next summer were non existent.
I learned some things I could do for my self, common sense things, like keeping my head warm, stopping cold fluids and cold food. I also had had chronic constipation since my teens. I would go for three five days without a movement. This had become a way of life for me, and I figured this was just what was normal for me. I tried a series of different herbs to until we hit the right one, which have been the only thing that has regulated me daily. Thanks Shasta”

“I had sinus headaches on and off for about three years. I had also been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome which gave me abdominal gas, bloating and cramping. Shasta recommended I purchase an air purifier, exercise, decrease my sugar, dairy, chilled foods, and increase my protein intake.
I was then diagnosed with a severe deviated septum which my doctors didn’t really think surgery may even correct. I got acupuncture and herb treatments every week have kept my headaches pretty much away. They also have helped my overall digestion and stomach cramping. Thanks Shasta”

Dear Shasta,
I just want to thank you for all that you’ve done for me over the past year. When I first came to you last February my body was extremely out of balance. I was having night sweats and was having to get up several times a night to go to the bathroom (sometimes as much as 19 times). I also had sinus problems and was continually coughing. I was not a smoker so I couldn’t figure out what was going on. Within the first two weeks of treatments (just once a week) both of us noticed an enormous difference. Rather than stop there I decided to make a commitment to my health and see you for treatments once a week for six months. During that time I had a total life change!
The most noticeable was the loss of twenty pounds. I dropped several clothing sizes and am now ecstatically wearing between a size 4 and size 6! I began exercising regularly as a result of your gentle prodding (smile) and have incorporated exercise into my regular life style. I just came back from a vacation in Hawaii where I wore a bikini! I’m about to have my 44th birthday and NEVER thought I’d wear a bikini again! I can tell you… the men all thought I was in my 30’s and when they found out my age, they were amazed! I also had continuous pain in the bottom of my foot which has disappeared, and I also had constant severe migraines which I had a two month break from during treatments.
More than anything, I have incorporated the vibrant health plan things that I have learned from you into my regular way of life and am much healthier overall. If I feel like my health is waning, I come for a visit and have been able to avoid the flu season with your assistance.
Love & Light

Before & After


“It was after the birth of my second child that I began having ongoing sinus problems. Prior to his birth, I’d had approximately 3 sinus infections in 36 years! After his birth I had 5-6 within 10 months. It had gotten to the point where the infections were low grade and almost constant. Both x-rays and CAT scan failed to give definite proof that an infection actually existed. However, a course of antibiotics relieve the symptoms – although only for a few weeks at a time after which the problems reoccurred. It was the sinus issues that originally brought me into Shasta’ care.

During this time period I was also suffering from uneven energy levels. Some days I would feel totally energetic, alert and clear headed. Other days, for no apparent reason, I would feel sluggish, have difficulty concentrating and in general feel less than 100%. I also experienced ongoing sleep difficulties.
During the first 10 months after my son’s birth I had logged more office visits to the urgent care and my personal physician than in the previous 6 years combined! When I asked one of the urgent care physicians why this was happening to me he stated “well your body probably has changed” (gee – ya think?!)

Our family practitioner cares for both myself and the rest of my family and I highly value his opinion. However, in this case my instincts led me to believe he was not on the right track. He felt my problems were probably due to depression. I partially agreed with him. After all, if you had constant sinus infections, sleep difficulties and no energy to keep up with your kids you’d be depressed too! Our difference of opinion centered on whether the depression was causing the symptoms or whether the symptoms resulted in depression. To make a long story short – I asked him for an acupuncture prescription for sinus headaches and was given one. I began seeing Shasta at the end of November 1996. Within 3 visits, the nasal congestion and sinus headaches had improved remarkably. I have not had a sinus infection since. We continued the treatments, focusing on my energy level and muddled concentration issues. I began noticing a leveling of my energy. Shasta recommended a diet very contrary to the present (especially in Santa Cruz!) fads. NO cold salads, NO fruit juices, NO raw veggies. In fact, very little if any cold or raw foods. I began eating oatmeal with nuts and cinnamon in the mornings instead of cold cereal with even colder milk. I cooked my veggies (they were still slightly crisp) and even my apples and pears. I ate more nuts, used more fats and yes – ate more meat! Miso soup has become a staple part of my diet. Occasionally I still thoroughly enjoy a Caesar Salad but I now have a warm drink with it. Of all the faddish eating plans I’ve tried over the years this one is the easiest and healthiest. In fact, looking back at my childhood, it is very close to how I naturally ate during my youth.
I have also experienced some relief in PMS symptoms. Although I still bloat and feel somewhat “off” for several days a month, I now manage this time much better through my diet. I feel better now than I have in a long time. I credit acupuncture and Shasta’s guidance!”

When I came in the first time, I had been suffering from chronic sinus infections for well over a year. Within a month of treatments and after stopping coffee and diet sodas, the headaches were gone and my energy was back!

If you took a look at my medical file, you would see that over the past 4-5 years, I have had numerous visits to General Practitioners, Ear Nose and Throat specialists, and Allergy Specialists. You could also see that the drugs I have been given have included antibiotics, nasal sprays, cough medicines, antihistamines, decongestants, and steroids. I have also undergone X-rays and allergy tests several times. I don’t know the total cost of the doctor visits, drugs, and tests, but I’m sure it was a lot and the end result was that I felt no better.

The bottom line after all the above was that I still had headaches almost every day from the pressure in my sinuses. Imagine having headache every day, and going to work, raising kids, and going through a normal routine. It was hard. One of the “specialists” that I saw finally told me there was nothing wrong with me and perhaps Prozac would help me feel better! Another doctor told me that since I am highly allergic to dust and mold, I should continue to take antihistamines, decongestants, and nasal spray year round. Since this was unacceptable to me (and because I still had headaches even taking the above) I sought out another alternative. After seeing Shasta, my symptoms began to subside. Shasta asked me lots of questions and really listened to my answers. She explained that all my symptoms were related and she treated them as one problem, instead of as separate problems. She prescribed a combination of acupuncture, change in diet, exercise, and herbs. After about 2 weeks, my headaches disappeared completely. Although we are still working on some related problems, I feel great, better than I have felt in years.

I came to see Shasta because I was experiencing extreme tiredness, pain all over my body with coldness, and enormous sinus like pressure around my right eye. My eye also felt swollen. I had been to many doctors about this for a few months without any relief. I also had a big lump, almost an inch in diameter in my neck; right side; and a cyst like lump on my head ~ 6 millimeter. I also had restless leg syndrome, hard time sitting down and sleeping because of the pain in my back and lower half of my body; numbness in my hands at night, and a hard time getting to sleep. In addition, I had very bothersome and painful menstruation; blood clotting – very bad cramping on the third day.

After ~4 sessions of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine and diet, my eye was hardly or not at all swollen anymore; and the pressure was 90% gone, the lump in my neck decreased to about 1/5 of the size; the “cyst” on my head dried up and had no more pain; the pain in my body was almost gone and I sleep wonderful now; no more tingling in hands; no more restless leg. After five treatments the sinus pressure was 100% gone. The first treatment was on the first day of my menstrual period; on the third day there was no cramping, and I flowed very different and better than I did for years. I even was able to run 2 miles on the 3rd day; where I usually have to lay in bed for hours and take anaprox for pain.
To me this was a miracle. My tiredness made place for strong active and happy energy.. Turning 41 was not a great feeling for me 5 months ago; now I feel very young again! Throughout the process I started feeling better and better and happier. The Chinese herbal medicine that Shasta gave me really helped too. Besides that she put me on a kicharee (mung bean soup) diet, which was tremendously good for me. It made me feel very strong and fulfilled my hunger for good wholesome food. I also was able to get off coffee and cold raw foods, which wasn’t easy for me, but I’ve learned about some wonderful alternatives. I found the acupuncture sessions very relaxing and I was treated with a lot of love and interest; something I had never experienced in any other doctors office!
I will keep going to see Shasta every month, just to feel great. I learned that symptoms are to be looked at with respect to your overall health, and with some effort and persistence, you can treat your whole body and find out where your problem lays. There is a reason for a symptom, not just a pill or treatment. There is nothing better than a healthy body.

I came to Shasta first complaint of allergies. I also had sinus congestion, chronic fatigue, pms, and stress. Shasta did my T.C.M. diagnosis and called my syndrome “lung qi deficiency and kidney yang deficiency” and proceeded to treat the above. Since the most acute problem was the allergies and sinus congestion Shasta primarily focused on these during my first few months of treatments. Within months my symptoms had greatly improved. I learned that allergies, sinus congestion, chronic fatigue and stress are all part of a similar disease pattern and to treat one Shasta would have to treat the others concurrently from a T.C.M. perspective.

I came into Shasta’s clinic with many symptoms ranging from low energy, low back pain bleeding gums, calve cramps, neck and shoulder tension anxiety, to left wrist pain, etc. but the three worst complaints were #1) Sinus congestion #2) sinus headaches #3) abdomenal gas, bloating and cramping. So these are the three main symptoms Shasta focused her treatments on. Most all of the above symptoms including the sinus headaches have been greatly reduced or eliminated. The sinus congestion and abdominal cramping have been the two most persistent and chronic problems.
Over the course of the last year and a half of treatments Shasta advised my on dietary, herbal and lifestyle recommendations. She recommended that I purchase a powerful air purifier for my home, an exercise program and to decrease my sugar, dairy, and chilled foods, etc. I have been able to follow most of these except perhaps the exercise.

I went to my M.D. and was told that I had pretty severe deviated septum which he recommended surgery for. Due to the deviated septum, with all of Shasta’s effort the condition has improved, but not fixed.

Most all of the above symptoms including the sinus headaches have been greatly reduced or eliminated. The sinus congestion and abdominal cramping have been the two most persistent and chronic problems.

I believe the acupuncture treatments are necessary because they improve all of my symptoms and keep me from having bad sinus headaches.


A friend of mine referrred us to Dr. Shasta.  Before seeing her, we worked with infertility specialist for ovr a year and they were unable to find the problem.  Infertility treatments imbalanced my hormones and worsen my health.  Dr. Shasta worked with me using acupuncture to cleanse my body to balance my hormones.  I followed her dietary [lan and supplements to nourish my body.  After receiving her acupuncture services for four months, we are expecting our first baby.  Dr. Shasta is very knowledgeable, cordial, compassionate and always willing to go the extra mile to provide excellent care to her patients.  We cannot thank Dr. Shasta enough for her professional services. -Kiran K. Los Gatos

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