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When you hit the bed at night, at the end of that long dragging day at the office, subway and the elevators, do you feel relieved or distressed? Do you feel that the 5-hour sleep ahead will just not be enough?

Are, you worked-up wondering if your puny self would bear the weight of all your stress, that just heaps up even after your daily morning yoga and meditation? Maybe you are indeed missing the right ingredient or meaning out of comprehending what precisely mindfulness is. Fancy a word that mindfulness or meditation is, in this era everyone joins up for the yoga and meditation classes in the evening, hoping to attain Zen whenever desired for!

Mindfulness is not simply practising to charge up your chakras and aura for a few minutes, firstly because mindfulness is about simply being mindful and not doing yoga or asanas. Yoga is for the health of the physical body while being mindful is to radiate positivity in every act and thought of the moments of your present timeline. Today people hope to unleash and unburden their spine-cracking stress through the few minutes of yoga or accidental meditation and return to their old lives over brimming with negativity and its reproduction.

Stress relief is not centred around taking a deep breath and shutting up. Relieving your stress through mindfulness involves taking a U-turn from your present life to carve out a life that you genuinely desire, feel positive and productive about. Simply put, you cannot dose meditation to get over your ex or failure at the business meeting held the day before!

If you want to relieve your stress permanently, your elixir lies in being truthful about your life, which will charge up your aura, gradually. Eventually, get acquainted with the miraculous effects of mediation, yoga and other relaxation exercises. It will work wonder on your clean and mindful head. Maybe you have been trying out ways to meditate, but it just has not been working at all? Well, now you know the cause- you have to be mindful first.

A very productive read to have, when considering stress relief is about the Kitchari by Dr. Shasta Ericson. This book blends mindfulness, meditation and yoga. To be mindful, there are a million ways, so keep digging for knowledge!