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September 2011 Newsletter regarding Nurturing Mental and Emotional Wellness

December 2010 Newsletter regarding Depression and Stress

Shasta is wonderful if I have anything wrong with me I go see Shasta first and usually one visit and my problem is fixed. She is always professional and puts her patients first “Love her”

I have been seeing Shasta for around 2 months now and right from the start, she made me very comfortable, and her rates are very reasonable as well. During my first visit, she spent time asking me the right questions and also listening to my concerns. She’s always been friendly and upbeat whenever I visit, and sometimes, if the place is not too busy, she’ll let that day’s acupuncture session go on for longer which is a bonus. Furthermore, when I complained that she had overlooked a pin or two after our previous visit, she made a point to tell me that she is switching back to colored needles so that they are easier to spot. This just goes to show how dedicated and professional she is. Shasta gets 5 stars in my book!

Really nice experience! Have never been to an acupuncturist before, it felt like stuff was rushing around my body.

I have been seeing Shasta for several years now. She is phenomenal! And a lovely, beautiful person!

I’ve been looking for an acupuncturist that not only does great work but one that I can afford as well. I think I finally found her!
Right away I felt comfortable in her office. Her front receptionist was super sweet and nice and kept me company while I waited for my first session with the Dr. She sat with me and gave me tons of advice for my concerns and made me feel very comfortable. She recommended some books and supplements as well.
I had my first acupuncture session and went very well. It was painless and relaxing and her rooms are very soothing and decorated nicely.
Prices are much better compared to what I have researched before. Also, if you are a Kaiser patient, she accepts Kaiser with a 25% discount. She also offers great package deals that saves a lot of money.
I am looking forward to many sessions in the future with her and having my concerns and issues resolved through Shasta Tierra.

I have been going to Shasta for over a year and she is the best!!
Everyone in her office is always very sweet and gets you into a room right away. Shasta makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed while you are there and will always answer all your questions. Her sessions are always super relaxing after a long day at work!! She accepts most insurance and has great packages as well if you don’t have insurance coverage. Her rooms have relaxing music, blankets and pillows.
I love seeing Shasta!

Just wanted to drop you a quick note thanking you for your help in controlling my Rosacea. Since I have received acupuncture treatments from you, I have not had any recurrences of the Rosacea. I no longer have to use my prescription topical ointments to relieve this skin condition, nor have I had any flare-ups since following your recommendations on dietary changes and exercise. My stress level is contained, whereas before, working in the high tech industry, I had extreme levels of stress which would aggravate my Rosacea. I now feel internally stronger and this is reflected externally with clear, unblemished skin. You were a last resort in solving this persistent health problem and you came through for me.

I came to Shasta first complaint of allergies. I also had sinus congestion, chronic fatigue, PMS, and stress. Shasta did my T.C.M. diagnosis and called my syndrome “lung qi deficiency and kidney yang deficiency” and proceeded to treat the above. Since the most acute problem was the allergies and sinus congestion Shasta primarily focused on these during my first few months of treatments. Within months my symptoms had greatly improved. I learned that allergies, sinus congestion, chronic fatigue and stress are all part of a similar disease pattern and to treat one Shasta would have to treat the others concurrently from a T.C.M. perspective.