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Cogito Ergo Something
Cogito Ergo S.
tl;dr? Just set up an appt. Read on for the more detailed story if you like. Dr. Shasta is a skilled and caring wellness professional. I had always been a skeptic regarding natural and "alternative" medicine, so I only tried acupuncture and herbal medicine after doing the full course of standard medical treatment for chronic pain from spinal problems.Long story short? I got more relief in two sessions of acupuncture than I had from months of physical therapy, exercise, painkillers, antidepressants, etc. I had really thrown the whole apparatus of Western at it. I also had skilled and caring providers, but their tools just did not work for me.Dr Shasta literally gave me my life back. I've drastically decreased my intake of standard painkillers and antiinflammatories. I maintain my wellness with a few herbal supplements and natural vitamins, and acupuncture when I feel like I could use a bit of a boost, or to treat occasional flare-ups .I give her my highest recommendation. I'd give my other treatments for my condition about a 3. Her treatment is a 10+.
Luce Garrigos
Luce G.
Dr Shasta’s acupuncture treatment has really been helping me a lot with IBS symptoms, as well as with headaches/migraines and fatigue. She carefully listens to what you have to say and about how you feel, then she proposes a very efficient and appropriate treatment for each session. I also really appreciate that she explains things and gives a lot of advice, about diet for instance. You feel better as well as empowered regarding your health, and it is quite rare to find a professional offering you both! I would definitely recommend Dr Shasta, as I have started to do among friends and family.
Luce G.
Luce G.
Dr Shasta's acupuncture treatment has really been helping me a lot with IBS symptoms, as well as with headaches/migraines and fatigue. She carefully listens...
renee haya
renee H.
I started going for my migraines and tension in my shoulders. I can say after only a few month I have no migraines and mine were chronic where I would throw up from the pressure. Shasta worked on my tight hips which have really loosened up since her working on them. She does cupping on my shoulders as well and it helps alot since I have scarred tissue from yoga and being an athlete growing up. She saved my body and helped me calm my mind too. I go at least 2x a month and it made a huge difference.
One of my friend recommended me to her. She is so gentle and caring. I felt so relaxed with every session. I started with acupuncture treatments last year while going through IVF process for my egg retrievals. I had much better results combining acupuncture with the IVF. Before coming to dr Shasta, I had two chemical pregnancies with IVF cycles. This is the first time I did FET with acupuncture and I am expecting a baby. Thank you so much dr Shasta.
Craig Tompkins
Craig T.
Shasta has a magic touch with needles...and the office is very clean and organized and peaceful..highly recommended
Shannon Arriaga
Shannon A.
I wanted to take a moment to just send a note of what a wonderful healing place this is. I met Shasta several years ago. She helped me so much through a really rough time in my life. I have been doing accupunture for many years prior to meeting her, but she is by far the best at what she does. I highly recomend her at the Way of Wellness Natural Healthcare Inc.
Arrrrrrr F.
Arrrrrrr F.
to;dr? Just set up an appt. Read on for the more detailed story if you like.Dr. Shasta is a skilled and caring wellness professional. I had always been a...
Nausheen Iffath E.
Nausheen Iffath E.
I have been visiting Dr.Shasta for my reflux and GI issues for over 6 months now. She has many awesome qualities of being kind, patient and gentle that go a...
Nausheen Iffath Enayathullah Shah
Nausheen Iffath Enayathullah S.
I have been visiting Dr.Shasta for my reflux and GI issues for over 6 months now. She has many awesome qualities of being kind, patient and gentle that go a long way in healing illness and gaining good health. She is very knowledgeable and her treatment works from the get go! She is very encouraging and brings lots of positivity to the healing, which works wonders! My health issue started 5 years back and she has improved my health to a level that no other specialist has even come close to (and I've seen several across different states and countries). I'm actually seeing a possiblity of feeling completely normal again and highly recommend her!
Madhuri Gudiseva
Madhuri G.
I have been seeing Dr. Shasta for a variety of my health issues for the last few years. I have truly started believing that acupuncture is an alternative therapy for management and treatment of conditions. With her treatment, I have noticed significant relief with my painful cycles, migraines and most recently for lower back pain due to a disc bulge in L5-S1. I was also able to convince my husband to seek her treatment for his back pain issues and we both are extremely happy with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Shasta.
Andreas Drbal
Andreas D.
Dr. Shasta offers an effective and quality-oriented healing center. Her knowledge and experience in the arts of Chinese Medicine have helped me bounce back from injuries and perform optimally again. Her expertise in acupuncture has served very well in my healing, both mentally and physically. Acute injuries which were lingering, such as my shoulders and quads, have returned to full range of motion and strength. I also enjoy the wonderful response of calm and serenity under her guidance with the acupuncture needle. She also performs other therapies such as cupping which I find highly effective. She has also offered dietary advice which I have followed; in particular the addition of Bone Broth into my diet. Simply put Dr. Shasta does a phenomenal job providing expertise in healing from the inside out which deep knowledge in Chinese Medicine.
It's been a great experience getting acupuncture treatment from Dr. Shasta. Dr. Shasta is very knowledgable and caring. She listens very carefully to my health issues and offers me the best treatment to help me get better. I'm nothing but thankful for being treated by her and definitely feeling better every day!
robert bundy
robert B.
I just started seeing Dr. Shasta Ericson for back pain. I as very impressed with her from the start of our first appointment. She asked a lot of questions and clarified my answers with great follow up questions. Once I was on her table, I appreciated her light touch while applying the acupuncture needles. I also love that she gave me a little remote bell, so that I could alert her if I needed anything during the treatment. I was pleased to get a whole take home packet that gave information regarding ways to detox my life, foods that will improve my health, and information specific to my condition.I highly recommend Dr. Shasta Ericson.Robert J.
Kiranjit Kaur
Kiranjit K.
A friend of mine referred us to Dr. Shasta. Before seeing her, we worked with infertility specialist for over a year and they were unable to find the problem. Infertility treatments imbalanced my hormones and worsen my health. Dr. Shasta worked with me using acupuncture to cleanse my body to balance my hormones. I followed her dietary plan and supplements to nourish my body. After receiving her acupuncture services for four months, we are expecting our first baby. Dr. Shasta is very knowledgeable, cordial, compassionate and always willing to go the extra mile to provide excellent care to her patients. We cannot thank enough Dr. Shasta for her professional services.
Katrina A.
Katrina A.
Believe it or not, my being a patient of Dr. Shasta Ericson has been a serious blessing and has benefit my whole existence as a human being. I was injured...
sowmya chandrashekarpur
sowmya C.
Dr Shasta is an amazing healer! She is very caring and takes time to know her patients and their concerns. I’ve been going to her for a few weeks now and have experienced firsthand the benefits of Acupuncture. I have more energy and fatigue was one of my concerns; my BP is also stabilizing and every visit to Dr Shasta is an eye opener because she shares a wealth of info about diet and wellness. Highly recommend. And I’m so glad we found her!
Christopher H.
Christopher H.
Yesterday was my first acupuncture experience with Shasta. I was pleased to find her very warm, friendly, present, and passionate about her profession. Her...
Had a great experience At Way of Wellness Natural Health Care! I had some congestion in my lungs and sought out & acupuncturist for some relief.The congestion had been in my chest for over a month at this point. Shasta was so amazingly kind and loving in her care for myself and my health care problem. She set me up in my own little room. She used heat lamps at a very reasonable setting, assuring that I was comfortable through out the entire process. She left the room, following putting the tiny pins in my back, allowing me a much needed slumber for 20-30 minuets. After 20 minutes she checked back with me to ask if I wanted another 10 minutes. I had to get on my way at that point however. In the following days my lungs were less congested & my cough subsided.I was very pleased with my visit & results at “Way of Wellness Healthcare” & would recommend it to anyone. Thank you Shasta!
erika carrillo
erika C.
Every time I go see Shasta it’s the most relaxing experience. She’s so sweet and kind. Very knowledgeable in her work. She makes you feel comfortable. I would not go to anybody else .
Mckenna Lee
Mckenna L.
Absolutely loved my experience with Dr Shasta. I was a little nervous to try acupuncture but I loved it and will definitely be back! I went in with some lower back pain and left feeling relaxed and refreshed. Thank you thank you!
Marivel Joffre
Marivel J.
Love this place. Wish my insurance could cover it so I could go more often. I use acupuncture for many things including back pain, tension and rejuvenation.
Deepali Alustiza
Deepali A.
I have always been a believer in acupuncture and a wholistic approach to healing. A big part of that is the food we eat and the products we use to make our food. With Dr. Tierra 's diet and other guidelines on nutrition, I have seen results in just over 2 weeks. I have always known about Kitchari, which is a heavenly detox food, that originates in India. But Dr.Tierra's modifications of the Kitchari that I was eating, and making it a constant in my diet, has easily helped me lose over 5 pounds in a short time. I can confidently say now that a lot of my excess weight was the toxins from the food I was consuming and the detox has helped flush that away. I also took a few blood tests results that showed really good progress on some key statistics related to my health. Additionally, I feel lighter, a lot more relaxed and focused thanks to my acupuncture treatments. I am so glad I found Dr. Tierra!!
Preethi Srinivasan
Preethi S.
Dr.Shasta is AMAZING! The initial consult with her was so thorough and she brought up a few things I wanted to discuss, herself! I felt so confident after the first consult to be in her care. I then did acupuncture treatments 3x a week and started feeling so much more better- energetic, calmer and positive in general. She not only comes up with a treatment plan but also with a diet for your needs, so it’s very holistic. She is super flexible with times and appointments and readily available on text message. She also remembers you and your history so easily and you literally pick up where you left off at the previous appointment. I also love the treatment rooms- they are quiet with calming music playing. I like to fix my appts during the middle of the day and it refreshes me so much for the rest of my work day. 5 stars for Dr.Shasta and her practice!!
Maureen Barton
Maureen B.
A gift to all. Had severe hand pain and inflammation for several weeks and found no relief till I met Dr. Shasta. She is wonderful and I felt some relief after first session and after three sessions , completely pain free and swelling vanished. Highly recommend . A very caring and competent doctor.
Murugesan Subramani
Murugesan S.
My wife had a severe pain in solder and left hand, Dr. Shasta Tierra took a great care of my wife. My wife feels better now. Thanks Dr. for your awesome acupuncture treatment.
Cindie Ambar
Cindie A.
Shasta Tierra is an amazing acupuncturist and healer! On my first visit she identified a medical issue my physicians had missed and I am now receiving treatment for it. She is both incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate. I have only been seeing her for two weeks, but the combination of herbs and treatments have me feeling really great. The other day I just started running because I had so much energy. I highly recommend her. If you want to feel good, I suggest you make an appointment ASAP!Cindie Ambar, Aptos, CA
Nadia Shapiro
Nadia S.
I came to see Shasta for weightloss and back pain. I have lost weight with her help and my back pain is completely gone. I have seen many acupuncturists in my life time and Shasta is by far one of the best. Se is quick and knowledgeable. She really knows her stuff. I am so glad I found her.
Carmina Balagtas
Carmina B.
Dr. Shasta Tierra was recommended to me by a friend, and I am super thankful that I came and was seen by her last August. She is very knowledgeable, compassionate, and truly understands the health issues I am dealing with. Whenever I come in for a visit, I always end up feeling relaxed and refreshed. My monthly cycles has become shorter, i am slowly losing weight, and feeling better overall. I truly recommend for everyone else to come and be seen by her; I may have long ways to go but the positive results keeps me motivated.
Lauren Council
Lauren C.
I started seeing Dr. Tierra after being diagnosed with IBS. I cannot say enough amazing things about Dr. Shasta. The previous experience I had seeing an acupuncturist was just a quick 5 min conversation of what I was looking to gain from acupuncture. I did not feel like the person really listened to see what my body needed. Dr. Tierra took the time to sit down with me for my first appointment to ask me about my overall health which included physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental. She really made me feel like I could share anything with her and she showed a genuine interest. She created a 6 month plan for me which included a meal plan, exercise recommendations, and additional resources for my emotional and mental health. I was amazed with how much time she was able to spend with me and I left the appointment feeling excited for the journey I was going to be taking with acupuncture. I followed her Kitchari recipe and it has been a god send! With the plan she created, I was able to significantly lower my IBS symptoms and have dropped over 16 lbs. since my first appointment. I leave each appointment feeling better and at ease. I am so incredibly thankful that I was recommended to see her. If you are in need of acupuncture, don’t wait any longer, give her a call! She is passionate and truly cares about your health and making a difference! Thank you Dr. Tierra for all that you have done for me! You truly have saved my life for the better!!
Esther Shin
Esther S.
Indira Marley
Indira M.
I have known Dr. ShastaTierra my entire life. She is truely a natural born healer and always has been. Her commitment to health and wellbeing for others is amazing. I suffered from hashimotos hypothyroid autoimmune disease for years and I had no idea what was wrong. I had been misdiagnosed by countless doctors. Dr. Tierra knew immediately what was wrong and helped me reclaim my health and my life. I went from 208 lbs, debilitating cold, foggy brain and extreme anxiety to 145 and fully engaged in life again. I couldn't be more grateful. Thank you Shasta!
Tina Bozarth
Tina B.
Shasta at Way of Wellness is amazing. I have been seeing her about 6 months, I have had full spine and neck issues. Pinched nerves and I am also a runner and I work out. Without her I would not be able to continue these things. She makes you very comfortable with what she is doing she will stay by your side if she needs to and she will make sure to work with your schedule also and get you in. Between the acupuncture and cupping I am able to continue running and working out with less pain.I highly recommend Shasta, you won't regret it.
nicole jorgensen
nicole J.
I have been a client of Sierra for years. She is a great listener and provides treatments that are tailored to my physical and emotional health. She has a technique for weight loss that has helped me to lose 20 pounds! She also helps with my stress & anxiety, IBS, and back problems.
Sarah Zwingman
Sarah Z.
Shasta has been a true lifesaver for me! I have several auto immune diseases and after being hospitalized in January 2017 and being diagnosed with a serious liver disease I decided to try acupuncture. The first time I met Shasta she was so easy-going, very through, and friendly. She made me feel very comfortable. Not only did the acupuncture help, but she also provided so many nutrition tips that have helped me tremendously. After seeing Shasta a few times my liver functions went from being severely elevated to within normal range. It really works! She has treated my nausea as well as anxiety and every time I leave a visit I feel so much better. What I love best is how patient and flexible she is with having to reschedule and cancel last minute. I would highly recommend Shasta to anybody!
Rachel Estes
Rachel E.
Shasta is amazing. I see her for my migraines and also morning sickness through my first trimester. I couldn't ask for a better experience. She not only listens to the symptoms and frequency but also gives advice on diet and exercise that will help. She is gentle and always willing to change the approach if symptoms change or you come in feeling worse. I will never see anyone else!
Tanya Baldwin
Tanya B.
Dr. Shasta is a wonderful healer who is both knowledgeable and caring. She's helped me over the years with many challenges - including chronic injuries. My weekly sessions with her are deeply restorative and integral to my wellbeing. I've made her part of my health care team and so should you!
Maria M
Maria M
Shasta's office is so healing and relaxing. Her treatments are very gentle and skillful. Shasta has a calming demeanor and is very kind and generous with her knowledge. You really feel taken care of and listened to at Way of Wellness.Thank you Dr. Shasta!
Susan Matthews
Susan M.
I started seeing Shasta Tierra about 25 yrs. ago. Dr. Tierra is amazing. She helped me deal with severe low back pain from lumbar fractures and a rare type of blood cancer. She has introduced me to the use of Chinese medicine to cure and prevent the common cold. Shasta uses acupuncture and other body work techniques and is always gentle and caring in her approach to healing treatment. I love being one of her long term patients and will see her whenever possible. Thanks Shasta.
Becky Tello
Becky T.
I go to see Shasta for lower back pain which was shooting into butt and legs. With the first treatment I felt very little of that annoying pain. The next morning I woke up and felt so much better. No pain when walking for the first time in 6 months. I have been going for a few more treatments and the feeling I have of more energy deeper sleep and no more lower back, butt and leg pain. Go see her if you have this type of pain. Becky
Khushbu Vasani
Khushbu V.
Dr Shashta is very knowledgable and experienced doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She was really helpful in making me understand the benefits of acupuncture for not just physical but mental health. Along with acupuncture she also suggested to make changes in my diet which are equally important when you have hormonal imbalances. After 3 months of acupuncture I felt calm,relaxed. I can say that anyone thinking about acupuncture must really give it and Dr Shashta a try, its a long term investment in your health which you won't regret.
Meena R
Meena R
Amazing experience with shasta for fertility . She is kind, caring and gentle. Gives diet tips to their symptoms and it helps a lot. I highly recommend shasta for fertility accupunture and it helps you relax and improve blood circulations. I started ovulating after 3 sessions of accupunture.
gauri d
gauri d
I have known and been treated by Shasta for over 10 years. She is extremely skilled, compassionate and very knowledgeable. Using a combination of acupuncture and herbal medication friends and family have seen favorable results for multiple problems including thyroid and chronic cough problems. I have referred multiple of my family and friends to Shasta and every single one of them have been impressed. I would highly recommend Shasta, not only for her expertise but also if you want someone who will listen, empathize and consistently be an amazing caregiver.
Ralph Houghton
Ralph H.
Very relaxing and quite atmosphere ! Shasta the Doctor of Acupuncture listens and is very gentle in her course of treatment which removed my pain from multiple issues from car accident ! Broke back which resulted in 2 lbs rods and 8 screws! Broke shoulder blade and collar bone ! Also have brain injury issues which resulted in eye issues and severe fatigue ! All of these issues have been helped by Acupuncture !
Deputy Warfield
Deputy W.
Way of Wellness has turned my life around !! At 41 years old I have been recovering from a spine injury for over 4 years with all my treatment from Kaiser….physical therapy, occupational therapy, epidural injections, cortisone injections, and finally a cervical fusion of 3 neck bones…. I thought I would have to consume handfuls of pain pills the rest of my life and be disabled with a cane…. Luckily I was wrong! Dr. Shasta Tierra is a true healer sent from God. She uses many techniques: needles, cupping, electro stimulation, infra-red heat, and verbal counseling. Every time I leave the office I run to my phone to “look up” something new that she recommends. I am a converted skeptic and wish everybody could hear my story. After just a few treatments, I was able to drop my nerve medications by 75% and pain meds by 90% !! A few treatments after that I stopped using my cane all together. After adjusting my diet to her recommendations I lost 30 pounds, both numbers on my blood pressure dropped by 20 points, my resting heart rate has dropped 15 beats per minute, my asthma is gone, my arthritis is gone, I sleep through the whole night, but most important of all I’m a happy person again. Being in constant pain devours your soul and can turn you into a moody pessimistic ass, just ask my wife ! Months later I’m back to the weight I was when I was 17, and I “feel” 17 again. No pain, hardly any meds, tons of energy and a renewed thirst for life. Dr. Tierra, words cannot express my enormous gratitude to you , so “THANK YOU” will have to be good enough. You will always have a special place in my heart & prayers.If anybody you know is struggling with chronic pain, do yourself a favor and try Way of Wellness. Take control of your life back…..What have you got to loose ?
Rich Greenwood
Rich G.
The Way of Wellness is a very appropriately-named business--because it is a portal for being healed from pain and suffering. Case in point, my experience yesterday. Dr. Shasta Tierra--who is masterful in both Chinese medicine as well as nutrition-- worked on my shoulder and arm which had been in constant pain from a fall I had last week. In less than a half-hour, I was well on way to wellness. The pain was greatly reduced and she gave me tips on continuing on my path back from pain. This is a great place to go if you are looking for safe, smart, affordable alternates to opiates and other "western" ways of dealing with pain. Highly recommended!
Cheryl Robledo
Cheryl R.
Shasta really pours her heart into her treatments. She listens to everything I have going on and really tries to heal it from all angles. I am always so pleased when I leave her office.
Randy Hold
Randy H.
Way of Wellness really helped me with a rotator cuff issue and a knee that I was in chronic pain. I'm so glad I was able to avoid surgery and let my body heal it naturally. I also learned how to keep it healthy moving forward. What an oasis to find.
Excellent experience. Dramatically reduced pain in a broken rib. First time experience! Highly recommended
Kyle Knight
Kyle K.
Amazing. All bad this morning, all good this afternoon.Thank you Dr. Tierra!
Lauren Graves
Lauren G.
Acupuncture with Shasta is such a positive experience. She is kind, caring, and gentle. I have seen her for a variety of reasons over the years, but I would say the most unexpected result was when she treated me for anemia. Prior to the acupuncture treatments I was taking 6 times the rda of iron supplement with no increase in my iron levels as measured by blood tests. After acupuncture treatment, my iron was within the normal range, and I was not taking any iron supplement. I started feeling so much better and had much better energy. With none of the unpleasant side effects that iron supplements have. The other drastic change in my health was when I had h-pylori, and the MD wanted to wait until after the holidays to treat me because of concern that the antibiotics would make me sick. After 2 weeks being completely unable to keep any food down, I went to Shasta. That night I was able to eat. After the holidays, when the MD agreed to treat me with the antibiotic I continued sessions with Shasta and had no ill effects from the high dose of antibiotics I had to take. My son used to get a cough every year from November to February. Nothing helped it go away until I started taking him to acupuncture. At the first sign of cough I take him in and in clears up in a couple of days. He used to miss so much school from these severe coughs. Acupuncture with Shasta makes our lives better!
Fern Herman
Fern H.
I just moved to California from the east coast and had acupuncture done there. I have been suffering with pain and tingling in my feet for over a year.I saw an ad for way of wellness (dr Shasta ). Dr Shasta spent a lot of time with me and made a treatment plan.I am very pleased with the results and I would highly recommend her.
Premal Savla
Premal S.
I have lower back pain and had taken an Epidural in December with no relief. I started a 6 week program with Dr Shasta and was pleasantly surprised by the results. My left hip and back started feeling better after a few sessions. I am very pleased with the service. Dr Shasta is very professional and accommodating when I had to change schedule at the last minute.
Neeti Singh
Neeti S.
I went to Shasta after trying to get pregnant for 2 years and nothing was working . I even tried IVF. Shasta guided me on diet and I took three sessions a week. After 6 weeks of treatment I got pregnant . Now I am Mom 🙂 Thank you Shasta 🙂
Bryan Padua
Bryan P.
Such a great experience! I went in yesterday for my first acupuncture session ever not knowing what to expect. Shasta is super friendly, very knowledgeable and an expert in her field. Just in our short evaluation she was able to determine the root cause of my symptoms and recommended exactly what I needed to improve and reach my maximum performance as a golf professional. We focused on my tight hips. I also told her I had cramps in my feet, weak joints, cold feet/hands, weight loss, etc. She applied the needles in the correct position with no pain at all. After 25 minutes or so relaxing and listening to meditative music I felt calm and refreshed. I noticed less tension in my lower body and hips right away. I really did not expect noticeable results right away! It didn't even really kick in until night when I was laying down in my bed and I notice that this was probably the most relaxed my hips and legs have been in years... I also noticed my hands and feet seem to have more blood flow and best of all this was one of the first times in a long time my feet and hands were not cold. I did some more deep breathing and felt the benefits even more! Even better, when I woke up in the morning I was still warm and comfortable. This might sound like a minor issue for some but for me this is a life changer! My hips and legs feel like they have more circulation and less tension. It's amazing. Shasta is the best!! Can't wait for my next appointment!! A++++
Adeline Yu
Adeline Y.
I started going to Shasta after I had several unsuccessful IVFs, painful cramps. Before Shasta, I was seeing another Chinese doc and I did not enjoy the lectures and the un-relaxing environment. Shasta is a dedicated professional, kind, compassionate and courteous. I followed her nutritional instructions and went for my appointments regularly. The sessions are relaxing and soothing, even though I don't like needles. Through the combination of her nutritional advice and acupuncture sessions, I feel much better now. Thanks, Shasta!
Bill Wolf
Bill W.
Shasta is great. She's been a tremendous help for my health and she's very personable.
Shilpa Arora
Shilpa A.
Prior to having my daughter, I worked with Shasta for almost one year. She was and is an extremely dedicated professional, kind, courteous, and an expert in her field. At the time, I had no idea whether my efforts would be successful or lead anywhere, but today I believe those sessions helped complete my family. Way of Wellness is the go to place in the Bay Area for health and wellness. I also bought Shasta's tincture, videos, and supplements. I was hopeful, but also made sincere efforts and went almost every week. The affordable packages are budget friendly and well worth the dollar.For couples who are trying, I would offer my thorough recommendation. With the right people to support you and the correct healthcare, I truly believe it can happen. One additional caveat: you can trust Shasta's services to be of the highest caliber. She works hard - there were several occasions where I wanted to schedule an appointment but changed to another day because she was engaged with a professional development seminar or some type of educational workshop. I also spoke to two other clinics before deciding to work with Way of Wellness. Anyone who comes here won't leave disappointed.
John Sanchez
John S.
I've been a patient of Shasta Tierra/Way of Wellness since around 2006. I've had sleeping and pain problems in the past, and her acupuncture has help over the years. I highly recommend her for all your sleep, pain, and other needs.
Vicky Lee
Vicky L.
I went to see Dr. Tierra for general fatigue and she skillfully brought my body back into alignment. My energy level came back up along with a sense of joy. Dr. Tierra is knowledgeable about the subtleties of the energetic emotional body and very compassionate in her approach. Acupuncture has many applications. Most recently, I visited her for relief of tension in my back. The office is clean and serene with a courteous front desk. Way of Wellness is a place for healing and renewal.
Denise Peralez
Denise P.
I have seen Shasta since 2008 and know that she has done amazing things for me and my health. From nausea from Chemo treatments, to the pain and effects of Radiation, Shasta treated me and I always left her office feeling relaxed and in a better place. I would see her for just getting balanced. Thank you again Shasta for being such an amazing Acupuncturist. I am here today because you helped me at the most critical time in my life.