At least 90 million couples around the world are attempting to expand their family. With a mere 20% chance of a successful pregnancy in a cycle of one month, it is no wonder that a lot of them easily get discouraged. Is there something we can do increase these chances?

Factors to consider

Experts advise women to watch their weight. Excessive thinness and obesity can reduce the chance of conception. Obese people may have to wait for pregnancy twice as long, but if you are too thin, the chance of pregnancy is up to four times smaller.

Apart from that, women should avoid drinking a lot of coffee, tea or alcohol. An alcoholic and fertility research showed that women who drank 2 glasses each day, diminished their chances of getting pregnant by 60%. But, even if pregnancy happens, it is advisable to stop drinking as there is a chance of unwanted defects.

Both partners should stop smoking. In men, cigarettes affect the spermatozoids and the DNA is getting damaged.

Apart from that, it is recommended to eat well balanced meals that contain a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Women who are trying to get pregnant should also take around 0.4mg of folic acid on a daily basis.

Fertility peak

The peak of fertility in women is approximately at the age of twenty. Unfortunately, this is the time when most women don’t even consider having a family yet. When you take this into account, it will be easier to accept the fact that getting pregnant will take some more time in your late twenties which is now the average age period for having the first child in most parts of the world.

As for men, the number of sperms and their mobility decreases after the age of 45. In 40% of cases of not being able to get pregnant the reason is the man’s infertility, as opposed to popular beliefs.

When should you seek for help?

If you have been trying to conceive a child for over a year, you should look for the help of a specialist. In fact, you might be in perfect shape with no health problems, but that doesn’t mean that your reproductive organs are healthy as well. If it turns out that everything is alright, you should not give up. Rely on patience, mutual support and try not to stress much.

To read more about fertility, follow the link bellow and read the book for additional tips:

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