Sometimes we don’t have to rely solely on medication to cure ourselves, herbs can heal our problems like urinary tract infections, night sweats, irregular periods, migraines, cancer, heart diseases, and many more. Here are top seven best herbs for women to help them help themselves without the use of chemicals!

Muira Puama

Also known as the potency wood, studies have found that the bark and root of this tree significantly stimulated libido. In a study that evaluated 200 women, about 65% experienced better sexual satisfaction and orgasm intensity. Moreover it is also known to reduce stress and supports energy for the body to carry out its daily activities.


This ancient Indian herb, according to users, supports female reproduction and libido. In India this herb has been used for centuries to help men and women combat mental and emotional stress, mood swings and insomnia. This herb also encourages hormonal imbalance by targeting the endocrine glands. In a recent study, over 50 menopausal women were given ashwagandha and most of them experienced a decline in anxiety, hot flashes and mood swings.

Tribulus Terrestris

This herb is also used to correct hormonal imbalance and boosts female libido. In a study of 50 female participants, 49 of these participants experienced improved sexual desire, arousal and satisfaction. This herb is also known to improve mood and reduce stress as well as anxiety.

Maca Root

This herb can significantly improve male and female hormone levels. A recent study revealed that apart from aiding weight loss, this herb reduces menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats and depressed moods. Another study revealed that this herb is also useful for combating sexual dysfunction, and improved sexual satisfaction.

Avena Sativa

This herd, which is also referred to as ‘oat straw’ is a powerful natural aphrodisiac. Rich in calcium, this herb is also known to stimulate cell growth, bone cell production and possibly bone health.


This herb was first used by the Tupi Indians in Northern Brazil – they brewed its leaves to make an aphrodisiac tea. The bark of this tree contains the chemical yohimbine, an active ingredient that provides a stimulatory effect.


Normally referred to as the South American Ginseng, this herb is used to support the stamina. Research has it that this herb also improves female libido, increases fertility by improving hormones, and helps to reduce stress.


For these herbs to work properly, you will need to improve your lifestyle, adopt healthy living, avoid using chemicals like in plastic and pesticides, get enough sleep and exercise! The more you follow the healthier you become!


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